What Do You Think of Messenger Bags?

  1. Hi PFers! I am thinking about buying a messenger bag, preferably oversized, but am wondering about a few things concerning it: (a) does it have to be a flat bag, or will any bag that has a long strap when worn over the body, be alright? (b) are they a fad or kind of on the classic side? (c) have any of you seen some particularly great ones? (d) I have seen them worn across the body with the bag part in back, almost covering one derriere cheek :cutesy: is that the way they're supposed to be worn?
    its at the point now where I won't buy a bag until i have checked with you all LOL
    Thanks so much for any input!
  2. i think the more classic, chic messenger bags are the more vertical ones, though not necessarily flat. Balenciaga and Bottega make some really nice messengers that i think both men AND women can wear.
  3. oh i have been searching for this myself and I am eyeing on a b messenger or a bottega too but leaning more towards on the bottega. but the bottega messenger is quite pricey so have to save first :smile:

    purse-onality -- good luck on your messenger bag search and do share with us when you find the perfect one
  4. thank you both soooo much! i am so appreciative of your info & shall use it when messenger bag searching, IF I even start the search, because.....
    .omg omg...i have just finished scanning thru old threads and now.....may the dear Lord help me...:sweatdrop: .my Coco Cabas Chanel obsession is starting up all over again from pics I saw and stuff read, on the older threads ...........! and the Coco Cabases cannot be had....:cursing:

    did I say Messenger bag? what messenger bag? lol does anyone know if a Coco is still available? :hysteric:

    <laughing and crying at the same time

    PS is there a PF therapist on here who can counsel us when things get soooooooooo bad, obsession-wise??
  5. LMAO:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I wish.

    I Love messenger bags! That's why I love bags that have a shoulder strap or handle and an additional longer strap for you to wear it messenger style. Especially during the winter. When I have a heavy coat on, it can be annoying trying to keep a bag on my shoulder. So, it's during the colder months that I use the heck outta the longer, messenger straps. Love the convenience!
  6. i love messenger bags!!! i have a convertible jas mb one that can be hand carried or worn cross body, i also have the chloe paddington 'camera' bag, which is a small, messenger style bag. i think they're coming 'back' in style now, but i have worn messengers forever - and truly, i think they're classic
  7. Love em :smile:
  8. LOVE that passerby!! Style scene sells that one too - i was hoping to review it...but no such luck :sad:
  9. ::laughing merrily, twirling and dancing like a Christmas leprecahn!!! got Prada messenger baby today!! olive green...its a dream........i can't wait to be seen......it has a sheen.....its nylon......i'm not lyin'.....ok, its not a coco cabas....but...its modest!!