What Do You Think Of Mena Suvari Bold New Look ?

  1. [​IMG]


    This was her back in August. So I guess she is slowly growing it back.
  2. :tdown: Is it short for a movie roll or is she just trying out something different? There are a lot of feminine short cuts to choose from I dont like her cut.
  3. Yes, I think it is for a new movie roll. I think it is very brave and really shows how comfortable she is with herself. I give her props, I do not think I could ever do that but she is out there rockin it and really having fun with her new 'do!

    Good for her!
  4. I think she pulls it off, which is incredible cause not a lot of women could. She looks better with long hair, but I can't say she looks bad like this.
  5. I liked her with long hair.
  6. I think it's hot!!
  7. I think it suits her. She has a strong face to pull it off.. I've always thought she was unique.
  8. She's going for the Sharon Stone/Annie Lennox/Billie Idol look!
  9. Looks too severe.
  10. I am not a fan, and I also am not that impressed with actresses shaving their heads anymore. I mean Demi did it, Natalie Portman did and the list goes on. Mena is one of many at this point so it isn't all that impressive to me that she did this. I think she is more after attention as her career is tanking.
  11. She has striking features... she can work it.
  12. She's not attractive as it is...her hair just makes it worse.
  13. I think it ages her. She looks twice her age... maybe something softer would look better.
  14. At first reminded me of the time Sharon Stone had this haircut.
    I'm not too thrilled by it, she's a cute girl, and hopefully it's only for this movie role.....
  15. Yuck!