What do you think of Melrose flap in black/white vinyl

  1. I just opened my NM catalog this morning (see page 1, 2B) to discover the Melrose flap in white-to-black ombre crinkled vinyl. It retails for $1475. Does anyone have this bag? Can you please share photos of what it looks like IRL? What are the dimensions? I snapped a pic with my camera phone for reference.

    ETA: I would have searched (I swear) but it's temporarily off limits.

  2. I've seen it IRL, I think it's cute but too trendy for me. I would put the money towards a leather flap instead.
  3. ^ I agree with Savannah. I've seen the melrose flap IRL too and it's a hot bag, but I'd rather spend my money on a bag that's leather and more classic.
  4. Thanks, ladies. I appreciate your honesty.
  5. I really like it but its way to much for a vinyl bag.
  6. I bought it a few weeks ago but then returned it and got another jumbo caviar instead. It was pretty cute but I realized that if Im spending for a bag, I'd rather add a little bit more and get a leather one instead.

    It's really cute and roomy though. Perfect for everyday use especially paired with jeans and sneakers.
  7. Is this another shade for the Melrose or is this that greyish one we've all posted pics of?
  8. i've seen it irl and i didn't like it at all :nogood:
  9. Melrose flap was nice looking but for a vinyl bag, I'm going to get the ice cube flap later this month. It has its own personality and isnt trying too hard to look like all the other flaps :roflmfao:
  10. The more I look at it the more I agree with you. I may go with a classic flap. I visited a Chanel boutique in TX with my parents over the holidays and while my mother was trying on a flap I think I fell in love. Never thought I was a flap girl but now I am not so sure.


  11. I loved the look of this bag, but like others have said, it's alot of $ for vinyl and I'd rather spend more for leather. I also worried that it might be too trendy and not as wearable seasons from now.