What do you think of MC Shirley

  1. [​IMG]Does anyone have this bag and do they like it? I've notice some gorgeous MC white clutches in people's collections, but think they might be discontinued. This one if (fairly) affordable at $840.00; 11.5 inches x 5 inches, worth it?:shrugs:
  2. It's cute.
  3. i think it's super cute but it doesn't hold a lot....

    so if compartment space might be a problem for u, then maybe u should save up and go for the MC petite noe on ur wish list instead :smile:
  4. thanks pin pin
  5. Its a nice bag to me... But look more to a evening bag to me...
  6. I agree, it is too small for an every day bag, but a lovely evening bag size.
    I don't have any MC myself and considered this bag also as a way to introduce this line into my collection.....good luck!:yes:
  7. I have this bag and love it. I only use for evening - goes great with jeans and just about anything! :yes:
  8. I think I love it. I love smaller bags, I absolutely live with my Spring Streets...
  9. i think its adorable!! sorry, I dont have it.. but I love the style of it, especially in the MC
  10. i think it's cute but i wont buy it as i dont like small bags.i have a friend who owns this one,she said MC pochette holds stuffs more than this!
  11. Yes, the MC pochette totally holds more than the Shirley. Don't let the measurements deceive you...it's really thin!
  12. I love the look of this purse...it's got that retro" look abt it with its long body and the strap across the centre of the purse...definitely more of an evening clutch than an everyday bag...
  13. It´s absolutely gorgeous
  14. I like the look of it more than the pochette. The pochette probably holds more and is more practical. The look of the Shirley kills me....
  15. I think it's nice without the strap...it looks like a day clutch to me.