What do you think of Longchamp bags?

  1. Any fans here?
  2. i LOVE them! i have a small one in black and a large tote in turquoise-both nylon w/ leather handles.
  3. I also have quite a few and they are very well crafted!
  4. I also have a few, great for travel.
  5. I always admire them when I see them, but I never actually bought one yet. I should add one to my collection. I saw some pretty ones at the outlet in Woodbury Commons. I also saw some nice ones at Nordstrom's in White Plains, NY at The Westchester.
  6. I must add that I only have two nylons, a brown regular one and an all white one. besides that I have *count* three or more leather bags...love their leather!
  7. I like the nylon bags in size S, the bigger ones always lose their shape :weird:
  8. I have beautiful black leather back pack from Longchamp - It's a few years old but in perfect shape - but nobody wears backpacks anymore so it just sits in my closet.
  9. I've been thinking of getting a Longchamp, but I haven't decided on the color. It's between the pink or the light blue. Does anyone have pics of either of these?

    They seem very durable. I like that it's waterproof as well.
  10. I also have a black leather back pack, but I'm afraid to use it since it's easier to steal something out of it in a crowd :evil: Wish I could use it again it's so beautiful.
  11. i like them...i don't have any but i bet they'd be good for travel or school.
  12. i have a cream coloured leather tote from a few years back... great for everyday, especially in the summer.
  13. I have a black leather tote from Longchamp, it's still great after 8 years of regular wear. I recommend it.
  14. I use a black Longchamp nylon backpack when I'm traveling. It's lightweight, stylish and holds everything....and it's comfy! Thinking of adding the largest folding tote they make to take along for all those goodies you buy when your traveling and you have no more room in your regular luggage. I need to take a closer look at their leather line......hmmmmm....
  15. I have 3 in different sizes. It's one of those bag staples that you just have to have.