What do you think of L'aimable?

  1. [​IMG]

    Is it too small? Any comments?
  2. It's too small, IMO. I have Eye Miss You bag which is exatly the same size as L'aim and take it out very seldom because it only fits a small wallet, phone and keys. Save your money.:yes:
  3. I agree, though it's pretty, it's just too small for the money IMO....
  4. i like it but it's definitely an evening/occasional bag. but if you're the type who only requires a Pochette for everyday use.... go get it!
  5. Here is a pic of what fits in this size bag:
  6. I have one in the black...it's quite small so get it only if you're a small bag person. It's so beautiful though!
  7. it depends what you plan to use it for
  8. Thanks for the pic of the inside Irene, for some reason I thought it was roomier than it. I don't carry alot of things but I think that one is too small.
  9. Its pretty. I dont like the new colors though.

    I find the name interesting :P 'aimable' since its the cheapest suhali bag hehe
  10. Wow that is waaaaaay too small!
  11. Rose, Kim's bag is Le Talentueux. It's a little bigger than L'aimable and the size of Eye Need You bag.
  12. I love the style but wow not very big at all. Thanks for the wonderful pix as always, LV_Addict!!
  13. Any time.:flowers:
  14. Your totally right Irene, thanx so much for correcting me, I guess I didn't look properly at the pic!
    Sorry for any inconvenience!