what do you think of Kooba Scarlett?

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  1. joining this forum has been bad bad BAD for my wallet! a week ago i'd never HEARD of Kooba, and now i'm considering dropping a nice chunk of change on one! I jusst bought the BR kempton small shoulder bag in chalk (found abunch of coupons and it was too cute to resist!) and now am swooning over the Kooba Scarlett. I like this cream color, but do you thin it's too close to the chalk and the two bags will be too similar? i found a code and can get it for $308. Worth it? I also really like the brown suede one, but haven't found it anywhere yet except for on that fakey fake site posted earlier today and a european site that i can't read :sad2: . ANother prob prob is My LV onatah pm in cocoa is on the way, so i again run tinto the problem of two purses too similar. I should be broadening my tastes bit ya think? :amuse:


    the BR I just bought

    so is it a good deal? for my particular closet?
  2. I think their styles are completely different. The BR is definitely more cleaner in lines while the Kooba is more hobo. Personally, I prefer the Sienna over the Scarlett. I think the Sienna is more permanent than the Scarlett as a style. Is there a reason you like the Scarlett over the Sienna?
  3. Me too. I don't think the bags are all that similar.
  4. I recently returned a scarlett in army metallic to Kooba. I liked it, but found it was a tad bit small for me to use. It also smelled weird. I'm probably not used to all leather bags and its smell. Anyway, the sienna is a bit too big & heavy for me so I'm sticking to LV! I realized (thanks to this forum) that the price of Koobas could get me an LV.:biggrin:
  5. I think the Scarlett style is cute, but a bit too small. The brown suede would be better since the Cream color is light like your BR bag (which is nice, by the way!):biggrin:
  6. I prefer the Sienna bag myself, but I can't get over the fact that these bags are now made in China of a simply tanned leather, and they're approaching LV prices. If it were $200, I wouldn't blink an eye.
  7. I like it! Espically the name.:P. I would go for the Sienna because its bigger.
  8. I too prefer the Sienna. The Scarlett is adorable but small, the Sienna is a fab size IMO. Everytime I try it on I want it more.
    There's also no Louis Vuitton under $600 that I want aside from a wallet, and you can't compare apples to oranges!
  9. Ha! I know what you mean. And the stitched look on this purse is adorable!
  10. They're not apples and oranges, they're handbags.

    The LV Speedy 25 is less than some of the Koobas (they've raised their prices on the newer bags), and they're made in countries with high labor costs for a company that has some of the highest quality standards around. I'm not saying China can't produce quality, I'm saying that the costs are SO much less, yet the prices are in the "luxury" range. I also said that the Koobas were "approaching" LV prices, and quite a few of the LVs are in the $700-900 range. I think there's a Kooba that's priced at $625 so they're not far off.

    LV wallets are expensive, but as much work goes into one of those as does a handbag. I'm familiar with quality basket weaving, and it's the same thing. Whether it's 15" across or 4", almost the same amount of pure effort goes into the item so the prices are pretty close. As for the wallet, it'll certainly last longer than most any other brand out there, and they end up being a decent value if you're not the type to change your wallet as much as your bag.

  11. I too prefer the Sienna over the Scarlett.

    I had a cognac Sienna but I sold it on eBay. And now I'm regretting it. As hard as I tried I could not warm up to the rings on the bag. Not a fan of hardware. I LOVE the cognac color though and now I'm trying to decide if I want to buy another bag in Kooba's line just so I can have the cognac.

    Good luck with your decision gingerB.
  12. I have a Kooba Scarlett in Metallic Army and LOVE it. It's my favorite bag probablt. Too small for some but I don't carry a whole lot. I love it's color and the thickness of the leather. Hopefully I'll be able to insert a pic of it. This pic doesn't quite show the rich color.
    View attachment 6369
  13. ditto.
  14. ooooh lexie...your bag is YUM-my!:love: love that color--very rich. i can't seem to find the scarlett in any color other than cream right now. :worried:

    thanks for your opinions ladies...i really like the sienna too, but i'm pretty small framed and like to carry slightly smaller bags (thus far anyway) so i think the scarlett is a better size for me. i tend to not carry that much stuff with me either!

    hmmmmm.....decisions decisions...if anyone can find the scarlett in the brown suede...i'd be eternally grateful! i think. it may just make my decision that much harder :weird:
  15. here it is in brown sued...sooooo pretty!