What do you think of JPG birkin?

  1. Is this style easier to obtain? have anyone of you seen it in person? should i just hold out and wait for a original birkin?

  2. I think the original is classic & nicer!
  3. Moe, I'm wondering the same thing. I think it would be a more pratical bag as I have a young child & the JPG can be carried over the shoulder.
  4. Jess, that's beautiful and I don't dislike ANY Birkin but I've heard this one is VERY heavy. It would probably hurt my back (I have some lower back problems.)

    I prefer the classic 30 and 35cm Birkin.
  5. Its cute, but I prefer the original, which is weird because I usually love shoulder bags.
  6. I love the Birkin Long but I heard.. it is very heavy too .
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  7. i think it's gorgeous!!!!!i want one..:love:
  8. Its gorgeous but u noe what....when u are going to buy your very first birkin, get a large and in a yummy colour one. Together with Sophia Loren big sunglasses.........immediately it makes you one hot glamorite.
  9. is JPG Birkin Limited?
  10. I don't think so but it's much more harder to get one coz' everyone are waiting for their JPGs. :amuse:
  11. I agree. I think the JPG is a great bag for mothers as you can carry the bag on your shoulder and leave your hands free for your little one.
  12. Moe, I have seen the JPG Birkin in Potiron on a lady when I was at the Hermes store..it's huge! And I was told that this bag weighs a ton even when empty...From what I know, the demand for JPG Birkins is not as much as the classic Birkins.

    I prefer the classic Birkins :smile:
  13. Love the fact that its not deep, no digging :smile: Otherwise the idea that you can wear it on your shoulder.
  14. I have to say after owning one compared to my 35 birkins i prefer the regular one but its nice to have a change...........:yes:
  15. i LOVE JPG Birkin, I really want one in fuchsia exotic ...