What Do You Think Of Janet Jackson's Photoshopped Cover Of Harper's Bazaar ?

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  1. [​IMG] :rolleyes:
  2. Nothing At All
  3. How much of it do you think is photoshopped? I think she always looks beautiful. I hated seeing several photos of her with the belly button ring that had "JP's" on it. As if we all don't already know she's with Jermane Dupree. Its like shes a kept woman.
  4. How much is photo shopped ? I would say quite a bit, it looks like her head, but not her body. :confused1:

    Anyway she's a beautiful woman, i just don't think she needs all this interference.
  5. Who knows, but I do think that seeing her wearing little to no clothes is getting old. Like Mariah, I think she would look even better/sexier with a classier look!
  6. Photoshopped? :confused1: She's had an incredible body forever.....everyone knows that. She's got a new calendar coming out in 2007.

    E Canada Now - Breaking News » Janet Jackson Bares All In New Calendar

    Los Angeles (eCanadaNow) - Janet fans are in for a treat this Christmas with the release of an official 2007 calendar.

    The calendar, which is published by Signatures Network, is on sale now and features stunning photos from the 20 Y.O. era including ones as yet never seen.

    The singer can be seen in a bikini or some other form of undress in every single photo.

    The 40-year-old star has always been known for having one of the best bodies in the business and her new Calendar is a perfect example of how she remains in shape.
  7. healthy
  8. i'd love to see the untouched version. i'm sure it's WAY different than the cover.
  9. Here she looks great for her calendar :yes:

  10. She did recently emerge from a time when she had gained a lot of weight, though. I wonder if she feels she has something to prove because of that.

    The photo does look heavily retouched. I worked in the printing industry, and NO ONE looks that perfect in real life, no matter how great their body!
  11. I agree she looks healthy and not super skinny. Good for her!
  12. yeah tell me about it...:yes:
  13. I think she's beautiful. My husband doesn't. Isn't that weird? Anyway, yeah. I think they made her look great! MUCH better than her W magazine cover.
  14. The only problem I have is that she looks too . . . shiny on the cover.
  15. I think she is lovely.