What Do You Think Of Janet Jackson's New Album Cover ?

  1. :throwup:
  2. Hmm...not a good look for her.
  3. She looks like LaToya Jackson as Beyoncé.
  4. I wonder if LaToya is still a psychic on the psychic hot line.:s
  5. ^ Lol.

    & WTF if she thinks that looks good. I'd ask the stylist/photographer/cover designer for my money back.
  6. Weird!
  7. I think she's fierce!
  8. LMBO can you imagine??calling for a psychic and latoya answers?!:roflmfao:
  9. :throwup: Like a drag queen.
  10. She looks like her brother, or is it her brother looks like her...
  11. Yeah, this one doesn't do it for me at all. It doesn't even look like her!!!
  12. Yeah it doesn't even look like her.
  13. Not the best I have seen her look,I have to say,maybe she's having a bit of a reinvention???
    I usually like black and white shots,but this is a bit too strange for my taste.xx
  14. I dont hate Janet, but think she should give up she is trying to be edgy but it seems false to me and I heard her new single is not going to well. I think she should focus on music that is 'in' her new song just sounds wierd imo