What Do You Think Of Janet Jackson's Cover ?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Don't like the outfit but I think she's gorgeous!
  3. Looks like her head on someone else's body. I'm sure it isn't, it just kinda looks that way.
  4. ^I thought the same thing. She looks odd in that pic. I love her just the same though.
  5. Too Madonna-ish. I love Janet but that look isn't 'her'...She looked great on Oprah this week though
  6. She looks great but she seems to be.....squeezing her shoulders up too much?
  7. She's beautiful, but she looks very uncomfortable and strange in this photo.
  8. the pic itself isn't that great, but she looks gorgeous... i would love to look that good in my 40's! i know she's a celeb and they can all afford to look good, but wow...
  9. what happened to her neck?
  10. It's Michael Jackson in a wig!
  11. I thought this was going to be a post of her new CD cover (which is stunning!!). The W cover isn't flattering at all and she's in a weird superhero outfit??
  12. She looks like Latoya...her lips look so stiff!
  13. I think it's very dominatrix like... I don't think she's that pretty like everyone says.
  14. I was thinking the SAME THING!
  15. I agree...I got this issue in the mail last week, and I thought the cover was so strange.

    Her outfit, her body posture, and her hair...it's all just odd to me. I don't even like the makeup.

    I saw a video clip of her at her CD premiere party yesterday (?), and she looked fabulous though.