What Do You Think Of J. Lo's Makeup ?

  1. I don't like her lipstick...it reminds me of that Wet and Wild lipstick I bought when I was in grade 7.
  2. garish!
  3. ...."dude looks like a lady..." love Aeorosmith
  4. OMG ... what happend to her ??? she looks old
  5. garish
  6. definately garish!:cursing:
  7. NOT a fan of that look. Boo!!
  8. :yucky: Don't like it, but I usually thinks she's pretty.
  9. She looks old, tacky and greasy. Not a good look. She is such a pretty girl, I dont know why she seems to not be happy with her look. Its always changing.
  10. That's a BAD makeup! Check out her eyeshadow. One side is abit orangy than the other. Where did her stylist go?
  11. Fire that makeup artist!
  12. Is she sick? She looks like she might be ill. I have never seen her looks so bad and so orange. :confused1:
  13. WAY WAY TOO much!!!!! OMG!!:throwup: I think she looks "too made up"!! I guess she's never heard the motto: "Less is more..":p
  14. Very harsh and a little bit Cirque du Soleil, especially around the eyes.
  15. I think it's her hair color that's making her look like that. You can't wear the same makeup when you change your hair from blonde highlights to all dark ones. :rolleyes: