What Do You Think Of J. Lo's Makeup ?

  1. What do you think of J. LO's makeup? Garish or gorgeous?


  2. yikes.....not a good look at all.
  3. It doesnt suit her IMO. It makes her look older than what she is. I think her skin color looks better with earthier toned makeup.
  4. WOW_ AWFUL! That lipstick and those huge lashes! Also, is she Mortisha from The Addams Family? What's up with that hair?
  5. EW! Not a good look for her.
  6. :wtf::wtf::wtf:
  7. :yucky:

    to severe IMO.
  8. My first reaction was to laugh. But, now I feel nauseous. I'm not tryin' to be funny. All that nasty, caked up make-up is really putting a bad taste in my mouth. She's so pretty (or so I thought), I'm surprised she needs all that make-up!
  9. yeuw..her face looks so cakey and her hair looks like Crap!
    normally she Glows!
  10. She doesn't need that much make up especially ugly make up..may be she lost a bet..
  11. Absolutely tooo toooo much. But maybe she was just having a bad skin time and felt like she had to cover up everything. If her bad skin was showing everyone would have been all over that as well "did you see JLo". I guess you can't win sometimes. But all that to say....not a good look, she could have done better.
  12. No, no, no!!!
  13. I don't like it. And I think this shade of hair is too harsh for her. But she is a beautiful girl!!!:love:
  14. pardon me. but she looked like a transexual.
  15. shes looking too old (maybe its the hair color) for that nude lips look shes been rocking for the past 5 years.