What do you think of Ivory color - show me pics please

  1. I haven't seen many of you owning this color. Does any one have the Ivory and what do you think of it? Can you please post pics for me. What style do you prefer it in? I have one on hold for me but i am not sure if i should get it or not.:s Thanks.:heart:
  2. Any one?:whistle:
  3. I :love: ivory! It's so creamy! But I only have a coin purse because I am sure I would be to worried to carry it in a bag. Here she is:
  4. ^^Thanks girlie.:heart: I was thinking that Ivory won't be too White and it has a bit of yellow color to it right? Do you think i should go for the City or the First?:s
  5. No one else has the Ivory color in the First or City? :shrugs:I can't believe this color did not get any love from our lovely pfers here.:nuts:
  6. This color is beautiful and would be gorgeous in a City, Nanaz. But that's just my preference. I just can't get into the smaller bags even though I like the way they look on others.
  7. I have both styles on hold for me. I thought the First might look cute in a bright color but you are right about the size though.:tup:
  8. I think there is a *slight* tint of yellow to it, I can take a pic of it next to a white piece of paper tomorrow if you like ;) It truly looks creamy... don't know of a better way to describe it! I think it would look great in a first. Tyson's had an ivory day last time I was there, have you seen that one? Would you be using it all the time? Would you need it in a size like the city?
  9. ^^^A Day would look fantastic in this color!
  10. I think ivory is gorgeous- don't own one but have fondled several in the stores. I also prefer it over stark white, because it can also be carried in the winter, and because it's just darn gorgeous!! My fave styles in ivory are the day and first. But b/w the city and first, I def would choose the first, the hardware pops and I just adore that contrast- I think it's really a stunner.

    Nanaz, I've asked for feedback from ivory owners in the past as well, and got very few responses. (I was worried about maintenance). I guess there really aren't many ivory owners? :shrugs:
  11. Aww, that is so sweet of you but you don't have to do that.:heart: I saw the GSH Ivory Brief at Tyson's last night and i loved the color but they didn't have it in the Day.:nogood: I can't say i would be using it all the time but it would be for days that i need a light color bag. :tup:I guess i have to order both and just keep the one i love.:p
  12. This is really frustrating when you are not able to see the color you like in every style, at one place to choose from:cursing: but i am glad i have both styles on hold.:wlae:
  13. OMG look what i found.:nuts: This is kitten's GSH Ivory City. I am getting mine in the RH though. I love this color and it looks great in the City too. Decisions, decisions.:sweatdrop:
    And e_pinpin's Ivory First.
    ivory4.jpg ivoryback.jpg DSC02798_resize.jpg