What do you think of Hermes Herbags?

  1. Recently I just bought Hermes canvas herbag in orange and red and they are interchangable between the two colors. Not sure if any of you seen it. If you did, please let me know what you think of it. I am debating whether I should keep me or not. I thought I was too impulsive on my purchase.

    I look forward to see your comments on this.

  2. I have the exact same bag and I :heart: it.
    I like that it has the same look as the Kelly but I do not have to worry about using it because it is canvas.
    I also like the fact that when you change the bottom you have two completely different looks.
    Definitely a keeper.
  3. If you are not completely happy, return it. A Hermes purchase should give you joy forever!
  4. Yup, I second Rose 100%. It does not matter if particular style is hard to come by, or a colour or a leather that is rare. At the end of the day, the bag must make you totally happy, and not give you any doubts, or that you need to depend on the members' encouragement to make your decision. You will know it when you find a bag that's suitable for you.

    Return it to the store and get a credit. And then take your time to consider the next bag.
  5. I second that advice, Purpliscous. An Hermes bag should make you smile everyday you use it. Bring it back if you have any doubts whatsoever....honestly.
  6. I am glad to get the responses from you all.

    Thanks for the advise! And sharing the good sides of herbags and this makes me appreciate it more than i felt before.

    Has the top part of the buckle annoys you whenever you bring it out for shopping? Isn't it take longer than a minute before you start looking for your wallet inside the herbag or kelly bag?
  7. BagShoeLover,

    Has the top part of the buckle annoys you whenever you bring it out for shopping? Isn't it take a while for you to dig in and seek for your wallet?

  8. I don't have a Herbag but I do have a Kelly and yes, it does take a little bit longer to get that wallet (or even more annoying- a ringing cell phone!).
  9. Lots of nods.... I totally agree with you.

    Kelly bags...It must be harder to take care than my Herbag. Has it ever occur to you that it's better to wear the bag with the shoulder strap without putting back the leather strap back to the buckle?

  10. mrssparkles,

    Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately that I bought the bag at the sample sale. Gotta find someone to take over my herbag. Help me out here, if happen to know someone would treasure it.

  11. It does not really bother me. I think I have mastered going in and out of the bag.
    I do keep the inside organized so it will be easier for me to get my wallet if need be.
    It is easier if you wear the strap and use it as a shoulder bag vs handheld.
  12. I :heart: :love: :heart: them!
  13. i would love to see pictures of member's herbags! Thanks!
  14. Sorry to bump this thread up again....but I am seriously considering purchasing a Herbag....it will be my first Hermes :smile:

    It is practical?
    Easy to "change" covers?
    What are your overall thoughts?
    What year range were they produced?
    What was the retail price range?

    Sorry for all of the questions...but I would love some guidance...
    Thank you all so much!
  15. Hi ladies, sorry to be a pain....but I need help soon....the seller does not want to wait around too long....eek!