What do you think Of Heather Locklear's Outfit ?

I think if she ditched everything but the dress and fixed her hair it wouldn't look so bad. Right now it looks like she got dressed in the dark.

I agree, the dress is too bold to accessorize that way.
I LOVE that zebra Ramona! I think the dress is nice too. It's just the combination of the crazy patterns and the unnecessary scarf that kind of ruins it. I actually don't think she looks terrible though.
The dress is great, the black scarf would have been OK if she had worn it differently,maybe over her shoulders, but her hair looks AWFUL:sad:

A hairbrush could have saved it for me.
I don't usually like the way she's dressed. . . I think she forgets how old she is{?}
But she looks better here than usual IMO, but that scarf is ALL wrong! It's not right to wear a summery strappy dress w/ a wintry scarf IMO. And the bag competes instead of complements.