What do you think Of Heather Locklear's Outfit ?

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  1. Heather Locklear @ The Beverly Hills Center

    Is there anything you like about it ?

    Attached Files:

  2. Not even a little.
  3. I like the dress, but not the way she's wearing it.
  4. She just needs to leave the scarf in the car, and switch to a black bag. It's all about balancing accessories when you wear such a bold patterned dress! :yes:
  5. I think if she ditched everything but the dress and fixed her hair it wouldn't look so bad. Right now it looks like she got dressed in the dark.

    I agree, the dress is too bold to accessorize that way.
  6. I LOVE that zebra Ramona! I think the dress is nice too. It's just the combination of the crazy patterns and the unnecessary scarf that kind of ruins it. I actually don't think she looks terrible though.
  7. not liking her outfit...the dress should be worn differently IMO
  8. The dress is great, the black scarf would have been OK if she had worn it differently,maybe over her shoulders, but her hair looks AWFUL:sad:

    A hairbrush could have saved it for me.
  9. I really like the dress, but the scarf, bag, and hair ruin it!
  10. i like the dress and the bag together actually. LOL it's her hair and scarf and sunnies i don't like w/ the outfit. She should've worn a necklace instead of a scarf.
  11. I don't usually like the way she's dressed. . . I think she forgets how old she is{?}
    But she looks better here than usual IMO, but that scarf is ALL wrong! It's not right to wear a summery strappy dress w/ a wintry scarf IMO. And the bag competes instead of complements.
  12. I love everything...but not together.
  13. I guess if it actually matched it wouldn't be so bad...
  14. me too.
  15. One word:horrible