What do you think of H Twilly with LV Bag

  1. I just got a new LV bag & wanted to tie a lil scarf on it. LV didn't have anything I like and i'm eying a Hermes Twilly that would look cute with it. Would it be okay to mix a Hermes twilly with an LV bag?
  2. Of course! Why not?!?!?! Which LV bag did you get???? And, which twilly do you have in mind???
  3. I have an Hermes pocket square on my LV.
  4. I think they look great with LV. :biggrin:
  5. i think it would look great as well !!
  6. mix´n´match them :biggrin:
  7. I got the damier speedy 30 and I don't know the name of the design on the twilly but it's white with red swirl like designs on it. it's on the Hermes website.
  8. crochetbella that looks soooo pretty! that's it im gonna order!
  9. yay! :biggrin: And congrats on your new bag and soon to be new scarf!!!!
  10. I do it all the time!
  11. Ok...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that pocket square Tammy! Is that the Clerc design? Could you please give me the name of that one????

    Oh dear....I feel a purchase coming on!
  12. Oh, Tammy I love that one! I have it in pink and it's called Paddock, Shopmom. And yep it's a Clerc. :heart: :heart: :heart:
  13. absolutely yes,:yes: I know some people are "purists", and that is o.k. too (I get that way sometimes :rolleyes: :lol: ), but most importantly you should enjoy your possessions in a way that pleases you.:flowers: most of us on here have a mix of LV's and Hermes designs.