What do you think of guys and designer jeans?

  1. I've been wearing high end jeans for a while now and yesterday my husband said he needed a new pair of jeans. I figured we go to express or gap to get a new pair. Well, instead he asked if I knew of a place that sold nice jeans. We went to this boutique and walked out with a pair of citizens. They looked really good on him and he said "wow, there really is a difference." I still felt kind of weird, like this was my territory. What do you think when you see a guy in a pair of designer jeans?
  2. I think designer jeans look great on a lot of guys. :smile: Due to my love for designer jeans for a long time now, I've gotten my brother into them... he owns a lot of Citizens, Sevens and AG's, and my dad even has several Sevens and Citizens haha (though he's mostly in suits, he wears them on the weekends). :p I think the key with guys and designer jeans is that they don't give off the I spent three hours assembling my outfit vibe haha. :smile: I'm sure your husband looks great in his Citizens, and I would take it as more of your great taste in jeans rubbing off on him rather than him creeping into your territory. :smile: I'd be thrlled if I could get my b/f to care about designer jeans, but it's just not his thing, ohh well. :smile:
  3. I feel silly for thinking he's in my territory. Maybe it stems from a creepy boyfriend in college who tried on a pair of my jeans and looked better in them than I did.
  4. I think guys look incredibly hot in Sevens and TR for starters.
  5. OMG. I LOVE guys in 7FAM sig bootcuts.

    My BF is too big for them. I think he'd fit in the 38's, but they'd be tight and wayyy too short :crybaby:

  6. :roflmfao: so funny. DH wears only designer jeans :wtf:. 7FAMK and Lucky mostly. He got me into the whole designer thing. Before we got marry he wanted to buy a LV for me and I was like :huh:, I dont want that!, didnt even know it was so popular.
  7. True Religions are a dream come true for me, its like they were custom made! Levis were my favorite before. Im a guy who never spent more than 50 on jeans, but TR really got me to convert. Just ordered 5 pairs from thier website.
  8. DH won't go near them whenever i'm browsing online and call him to look at a pair he calls them butt huggers and says "no way" LOL! I told him he has to try some on and i'm sure that he can find the right fit. He wears urban designer jeans, can't seem to get him in any citizens or R&R.
  9. My BF refuses to let me buy him designer jeans. He thinks they're cut weird and prefers his American Eagle and J.Crew jeans. I'm thinking that if I can just get him into one pair that I'll convince him that it's ok. Plus he doesn't like labels. That's why he loves J.Crew so much. Oh well, saves me money!
  10. I love designer jeans for guys. Recently my DF has been into designer jeans that is all he will wear ...
  11. As long as they are 'classic' looking with no embellishments like crystal, etc. I think designer jeans on guys is great! I am trying to get my SO to buy his 1st pair of True Religions! :smile:
  12. Love guys in designer jeans. Nothing looks better to me than a guy in TR's.
  13. I am totally a fan of designer denim on guys. They have so many different fits and colors that most guys can find a great pair to suit them.
  14. My fiance will only wear 7FAM bootcuts and TR Billy's. I think guys look hot in them. =)
  15. designer jeans look gret on guys especially when they have a nice :censor:.lmao