What do you think of grey bags with gold hardware?

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  1. I like both.. gold really stands out.. but silver or gunmetal does give it more of a vintage look at times.. really kinda depends on the theme of the bag if you know what i mean
  2. I think it depends on the bag and also the tone of grey.
  3. love love love ghw!
  4. Lovin gold hardware on grey leather. Goes with so much
  5. I love it. I think the two complement each other nicely, especially GW on dark grey.
  6. I love a GREY bag with gold hardware. I have one, & come to think of it, I should use it more often.

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  7. i can appreciate how it looks, but, i really love grey with gunmetal or silver...
  8. I love it! I think it's totally current. Like wearing black and brown together. It can be done if it's done right. And when it's done right, it's HOT!!
  9. GORGEOUS on the right bag of course :biggrin:
  10. it's my favorite color and hw combo for any bag style. unless it's gunmetal, i feel like silver hw gets lost with grey leather.
  11. It's pretty but I still prefer silver or gunmetal with grey.
  12. I think it makes the grey pop more
  13. I'd like a pale brushed gold, nothing blingy, but I'd prefer gunmetal or silver against gray. I have a gray Coach Sabrina with silver hardware that looks great, but my MBMJ mini Groovee in Aluminum looks pretty nice too with it's brushed gold hardware.
  14. I have a grey LV with brass HW looks great

    and Tods gray with gold HW Yummmm
  15. gray is a neutral color so it goes with everything!