What do you think of grey bags with gold hardware?

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  1. Recently, I've been seeing grey bags with gold hardware instead of the silver or gunmetal I would expect. Is this to make the bags match silver and gold jewelry? Does it look a bit jarring to you or a great new trend? I can't decide if I like it or not.
  2. nice
  3. I have a MBMJ hillier in a grey shade with brushed gold hw and I love the contrast. I think it would look weird with silver hw.
  4. I like. I have an MJ light grey bag w shiny gold hw. I can mix metals w jewelry and bags, no prob. Idt grey=silver hw.
  5. LOVE LOVE....it is the only way I like my gray bags.
  6. I love everything gold hardware
  7. I saw a Balenciaga online with that combo, and I really liked it!!
  8. Funny you mention this. I was just thinking about this yesterday. I love it. I think it makes the hardware really stand out.
  9. I prefer gray with silver or gunmetal.
  10. I love gray with either hardware. I do think that the gold hardware can make the gray stand out more. Here are my two faves.

    The first bag is a Galet (or Pebble) Part Time which is a taupe-gray. The second bag is an Argent Day. This gray is much lighter and a true Dove Gray.

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  11. I think of grey bags with gold hardware as a dressier bag, perhaps more ladylike. I think of grey bags with silver hardware as younger and more stylish. I like both depending on how I'm wearing them.
  12. At face value, grey bags look better with silver or gunmetal.
  13. i love gold HW! i think gray could look great with both though
  14. I like it so long as the shade of gold is on the same level as the grey, e.g. a pale gray bag with bright gold hardware looks a bit off to me.
  15. I absolutely love this combination of warm and cool together. MAC did a whole makeup collection around this years ago, and I still wear it and love it.