What Do you Think of Giving a Previously Owned Bag as a Gift?


Which Should I Give to my Mom as a Gift?

  1. 1st Season Marc Jacobs Sofia in Black, even though it's previously owned

  2. Hayden Harnett Barnard Cross Body in Black, from the Sample Sale

  3. Neither - a Bag is too Personal & Needs to be bought by the Owner

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  1. OK, before anyone screams FOUL! Let me explain.....

    I want to buy my mom a nice designer bag for Xmas, but I don't have the budget to spend more than $200. I've been looking and trying to come up with the best bag for her and was pretty decided on getting her the Hayden Harnett Barnard Cross Body in Black (from the sample sale $169).

    I started thinking about her taste in bags, and I realized that she has always loved my 1st Season Marc Jacobs Sophia that I own in grape. I've had that bag for years and whenever I carry it, she tells me how much she loves it. The leather's so soft and she loves the buckles on the front. Then it hit me.....

    I own a 1st Season Sophia in Black that I've NEVER used. I got it from eBay about 2 years ago and it's sat in my closet the entire time. The bag looks brand new - there's not a mark on it. Unfortunately, I don't have any tags for the bag but I do have a sleeper. I tried to sell it a while back but had no luck, so it's just been sitting in storage in its sleeper.

    Last year I bought my daughter a previously carried Balenciaga (for Xmas) and she loved it. Of course, that was my 18 yr daughter who knows how much these bags cost and was just happy to own ANY Balenciaga!! I just don't know if it's tacky to give the Black Sophia to my mom. Of course, I would buy her something else to go with it - Maybe a nice wallet and perfume she likes (She likes SJP's Lovely but never spends $$ on things like that!). Maybe I'll even get her an LV wallet and/or planner to use inside the bag.

    What do you guys think? Should I give her the MJ along with a few smaller new things, or just get her the HH Barnard?
  2. Here are pics of both of the bags:

    The MJ Sophia:


    And here's the HH Barnard:

  3. Tough call. If mom loves the MJ AND it looks brand new, I would lean that way and get her the other things you mentioned. The problem w/ the SS is that if she doesn't like, she can't return or exchange, but you know she'll love the MJ. I remember reading your prior post and if I recall, you said your mom was pretty practical? If I remember right, thinking about the no tags thing, I doubt she'd care or even ask, as long as it looked as good as new. I wouldn't worry about not having tags.
  4. Hi! This is your Mom. I'd like that Sophia, please. It's gorgeous. Thank you, dear:yes:
  5. Well I guess that answers your question.
  6. When did we move to VA Mom????
  7. It sounds like you just got your answer, but to add my two cents...I have been thinking about this too. I decided if the friend or relative is a close one it is a lovely gift. That person would most likely know you love beautiful bags, probably likes your taste and style, and knows how you care for your belongings. I might add a Starbucks gift card or slip a few fun cosmetics inside...an extra personal touch(totally not necessary though with such beautiful bags). Lastly, I would take special care in packaging and wrapping. I have found presentation is greatly appreciated. If someone gave me their MJ Sophia I would be thrilled. It is a gorgeous bag!
  8. Depends. How close are you to your mom? I mean, obviously she's your closest relation but I know some families are more formal than others. In one of my friend's family, everyone buys everyone big presents, perfectly wrapped and very "retail" (brand names and popular gift ideas) In my family, regifting, returning, buying "useful" things, etc. is normal so I wouldn't blink at giving a used bag.
  9. As you already know she loves it, I'd give her the Sophia, if I were you. :yes: I don't see why it matters that it's used; so is antique furniture and vintage/antique jewellery, after all.

    Although, I do appreciate that there is a slight difference, as a bag is made of leather and fabric and so is more perishable, but it's not as if it's well-used, or dirty, or anything.

    I would be honest with her, though and tell her that it is, technically, a used bag and if she doesn't like it because of that fact she is welcome to exchange it for the other bag, or another bag of her choice, instead. :smile:
  10. I give my mother my used bags all the time, usually the ones I buy new. I never use bags for a long time so when they go to her they usually look pretty good. I would NEVER give her something that looks like crap. She would never pay those prices for the bags I buy and she always admires it, asks for it, and scolds me for shopping all the time all at the same time :rolleyes:. But I know her well and she uses and appreciates them. If you have that relationship with your mom, I say go ahead and do it! I usually condition the leather first and then voila! ready for giving.
  11. Thats so cute. . . a mother and daughter "reunited" on TPF! And just to put my two cents in even though you already have your answer, since the bag is like new and you know she loves it (from her own mouth LOL) I think it would be a nice and thoughtful gift.
  12. I think risingsun was joking (unless she thinks I'm someone else!) My mom doesn't even have a computer at home - let alone know anything about TPF!!!!
  13. It all depends upon your relationship with your mom and what she expects from a gift. My mom and I are life-long garage and estate sale devotees and we often give each other gifts of things we find at these sales, even for Christmas and birthdays. In our family we really do believe that it's the thought that counts and if the thought comes with frugality all the better.

    Some families are not this way. I think my MIL would freak if she got something second-hand as a gift. And I recall one Dr. Phil show in which an incensed daughter confronted her mother about birthday gifts that had been purchased at thrift shops and the Goodwill.

    But my mother and I are quite the opposite in this regard. So I'd say that it all depends upon your mom as to what would be appropriate.
  14. I think you should if you guys have that kind of relationship. I was thinking about doing the same thing with my mother-in-law. She always admires my bags and says what great taste I have, so I was thinking about giving her one of my bags that I've never used.
  15. Sorry I didn't let you know about the move...surprise:yahoo: If I were your Mom, I would love to receive that Sophia. If your real Mom doesn't want it, give me a call:graucho: