What do you think of for an engagement ring?

  1. i think it's very pretty but not sure if it's something i would want to wear forever.
  2. I like it, but not too sure about it for an engagement ring.
  3. it's beautiful but i wouldn't wear it as an engagement ring.. it's your choice however! if you love it GO FOR IT!!!
  4. it's very pretty! personally i'm more traditional in my engagement ring preferences, however, if you love it, by all means! don't see anything wrong with it.
  5. It's a daisy! OOoh, I really love it! I think it would make a great E-ring-- so unique!
  6. Honestly, I love it! :love:
  7. if you're not into traditional rings, go for it! it's a lovely ring. i'm not traditional at all and i know if i ever get married i don't want a ring that looks like everyone else's diamond solitaire and i'm nixing the white meringue dress too.
  8. Daniela, an E-Ring doesn't have to look a certain way.....only the way you want it to look. If this pretty ring ( LOVE LOVE the older cut stones:tup:) makes your heart dance, then go for it!

    It looks lovely on the hand of the model!
  9. My honest opinion is that it looks cheaper than it costs. I think the design looks a bit too basic rather than old world. But that is just my opinion. I also think it looks a bit flat on the hand, it doesnt deem to have much projection. I do like the look of an old fashioned setting, but not loving this one.
  10. I think its a lovely ring, just a bit too trendy for an engagement ring IMO.x
  11. I :heart:this website! I :heart:vintage styled jewelry! i think the ring is lovely, engagement ring styles are such a personal thing. ooh! I'd have them all if I could:yes: they also make rings to your own design so you could take ideas from all the ones you like:idea:

    :heart:when's the happy day?:heart:
  12. Very pretty.
  13. Personally, it is not my style. I prefer a more 'traditional' type ring.:yes:
  14. If you're the one who's going to be wearing it, you've got to love it. Some people like traditional rings, some like modern, some like artsy. Everyone is going to have a different opinion. You're wearing the ring for yourself, not others. ;)