What do you think of FEU color?

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  1. Hello ladies. I love Hermes orange color, and recently I heard that Hermes have many oranges. FEU is one of them, it is kinda a brighter version of the original orange. Do you guys know this color? I saw one bag in this color in store today and I think it is gorgeous, but I didn't see the original orange to compare. What do you guys think of this color? Which orange do you recommend more? And if you have the comparison pictures please share. TIA!!!!!
  2. Oh I loooovvvvveee feu. Its the colour of my jige in my avatar, which isn't a very clear example if I'm honest. I also have a karo in feu as well as a comb cover and it's just the most beautiful orange, a true fire orange IMHO. I tried a CDC in H orange yesterday in Epsom, and I'm on the side of olive complexion and it doesn't do anything for me. I couldn't pull the trigger on that because of the strength of the colour. I also tried on a B in H orange Clemence a couple of years ago and it left me a bit ambivalent. BUT, it looks stunning on everyone but me it seems, so it really depends. I think the H orange is a bit more muted and more yellow undertones than Feu?

    Have you had a look here? DiamondS has a good example side by side:
  3. From the swatches I saw I liked it better than the classic orange (when compared in I think Togo). Gixxer's description of saying feu is a fire orange is a good one to me. if you can get to a boutique they should have swatches to compare.
  4. Feu is a slightly redder (darker) orange. I personally like the original orange better.
  5. Classic orange for me I'm afraid. But colour preference is very personal and only you will know whether you like Feu better than orange or not. Go and see the swatches side by side.
  6. I've seen feu and I prefer the classic orange.
  7. I prefer classic H orange.
  8. I think it can very much depend on your complexion. I'm a blond with blue eyes and a cool complexion, and red orange (feu) looks beautiful against my skin. I cannot pull off yellow orange (classic H Orange). I looked at an H Orange Togo K once, and it looked awful hanging on my bare arm.
  9. I like FEU but I only have it in an SLG than a big item - so I would go and try it on and see how it works with you.
  10. Thanks so much for the reply. Yes I have the same opinion with you about the colors. I do think the H orange has more of a yellow undertone, which sometimes doesn't show the beauty of the "orange". On the other hand the FEU has a more redder undertone, and the orange just a shower no matter when you see it. I think I love FEU better, plus it is more unique than the regular orange
  11. Thanks for the reply. Yes I do like the FEU better.
  12. Yes!!!! and I think it goes very well with dark blue.
  13. I am a big fan of Feu. I dont think it gets enough credit. Fire orange is the accurate description. I hope to see something in this nice color on you soon.
  14. Honestly, I didn't fancy any kind of Orange.
    I never owned anything in Orange sort. Nothing.

    Orange will never be my HG color.
    But. 1 H Lesson to learn. Never SAY NEVER.

    Anyway, long story cut short....
    I am now a proud owner of ToolBox 20 in FEU =)

    Yes. It's FEU. Haahahaha...
    I didn't even wana try it initially, until the good ol' Japanese SA convinced me to try it on..
    And ... it was AMAZING.

    Point is. Go try it on.
    You will know when you try it on against your skin color.

    HTH =)
  15. Agreeing with you, glamourbag. Feu has a little more oomph than the regular orange.

    Good luck with your decision, wanzi. :smile: