What do you think of Elisa Atheniense?

  1. Very nice! :heart:
  2. Love Love Love the color!
  3. Cute!
  4. I love the color and texture but I'm not so sure about the brown flower looking things. I still like the bag, but I think that little detail would bother me.
  5. ^ Oh, I like them. :yes:

    They look like they're a muted orange, on my screen and make the blue look bluer. :heart:
  6. take the flowers off and make the tassels longer, it would be perfect for me!
  7. Lovely bag.
  8. I wish it would be just a teeny bit smaller for me!
  9. I like it because the color is unusual and it doesn't look exactly like all of the it bags. Nice and big, too
  10. So unique and downtown!
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