What do you think of Dooney's latest?

  1. [​IMG]


    It's the Bumble Bee line. They look refreshing to me! :smile:
  2. Looks like another ripoff - this time from Coach.
  3. Too young looking for my taste.
  4. Way too young for me!! I don't even think my 12 year old step-daughter would like it.
  5. They are cute if you are a teen. Their line has gotten way too young looking for my taste. Even the models in the catalogs are teen aged girls.
  6. They are cute , but i would think it's geared more to 16 and under
  7. Now, this is a very fine example of how a person who really loved their Bayou Collection could get totally turned off the Dooney for good. I wonder who they are trying to appeal to anyway? Not my taste, for sure.
  8. You know what, I like a young looking bags as I am old! Make me feel young if I carry Tokidoki purse, that my 14 year-old daughter is also carrying. I love Dooney despite all the negative in this forum. They are well made and I still have their handbags and purses that I bought ages ago. I guess I will be the only one thinking of getting this!
  9. I like the first purse but not the last two. The bees are cute.
  10. It looks like something a 10 year old should be wearing...its cute, but soo young looking in my opinion.
  11. You know what....I love Dooney, too. Very well made and I think even looks better with time. But all of a sudden they are marketing to preteens, I think.
  12. Would make really cute nursery decor.
  13. Its not my cup of tea!. Im young,and I wouldnt even walk around with it,it looks wierd!.
  14. Hi Compass Rose, they did say it's 'Your back to school bags' on their mailing ads!
  15. I agree with you Puteri! I like Dooney and so does my daughter. I hate the Coach bag that I bought for more than my dooney's. I hope we can add this one to our collection. It would be a fun summer bag!
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