What Do You Think Of Diesel's New Ad Campaign ?

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    While Diesel is known for showing their clothes through sexual messages, this season they decided to take the social commentary angle. Shot by Terry Richardson, the ads feature everyday scenes that have been drastically altered due to rising temperatures and seas. Global Warming is a hot topic right now and Diesel's aim was to take the serious issue and put it into the surreal world of premium denim. In this ad, parrots have replaced the pigeons of Venice's St. Mark's Square - signifying a world that's been turned upside down.

    What do you all think of Diesel's socially aware advertising approach?
  2. I love it! The picture as well as the message.
  3. I dont really see how jeans and global warming connect but its a beautiful picture and like what it signifies.
  4. it's certainly colorful.
  5. I think it's beautiful and totally don't see the social message. I do because it's stated, but I don't look and see the world turned upside down. To me it's more fantastical or dream sequence esque.
  6. I like it
  7. Very nice :smile:
  8. I wasn't aware that it's supposed to be a social commentary piece. However, I really enjoy the aesthetic of the ad.
  9. I would have never noticed the social implication behind it but the whole scene is very beautiful!:heart:
  10. i LOVE LOVE diesel campaigns... and the last campaign is as beautiful as before...

    parrots in europe would be nice :p
  11. I love it! I have been to Venice a few times, and fed the pigeons. So I understood the picture right away. The other ad I saw had St. Mark's Cathedral and the Tower in the background, so it's more easily recognized as St. Mark's Square.
  12. I love it. It's a beautiful picture.
  13. I love the lay out and the message.
  14. i like it. The dress the woman is wearing is gorgeous!
  15. This sounds shallow but I don't really care what Diesel's stance on global warming is- it is a beautiful pic though.