What do you think of Designer Knapsacks ?

I have one! I used it as a diaper bag when my son was little. I also take it with me to the amusement parks when I go with the kids (I like the fact that you can just throw it on your back and you don't have to worry about your hands being full). It's just a backpack to me, even though it happens to be an LV.
I have a regular backpack for when it's needed. I'm a sporty kind of person and sometimes a backpack is all you need. I wouldn't get a designer one though (like a LV) because when I use it I use it in situations that aren't appropriate for Mr Vuitton :P
i'm not a fan...i use a backpack for school because i usually have a lot of books but i like throwing it around and not really caring if it gets dirty. if i had a designer backpack i would constantly paranoid...i mean a boy on my bus nearly got mud all over one of my coach totes