What Do You Think Of Dermalogica?

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  1. I had a face mapping session yesterday and after it bought a couple of products, I'd already been using active moist, so far I have to say I've been impressed.

    What do you gals think of their products? :cutesy:
  2. I use their anti-bacterial wipes and I like them a lot.
  3. I started an esthetics course in the states (never finished) and we used all dermalogica products. I had the facial done to me and the back facial and the products made me break out on my back and face and also stung my face.
  4. Oh really! That's not very good, I guess we can always be allergic to even the best products

    Any other feedback?
  5. Yea I hated that I did not agree with the product because Facials , body scrubs, and back facials were so cheap at the school for students. I would have loved to get more but they did not use any other products. I remember a few other people in my class had a problem also with the burning stinging feeling. I can only remember one other product doing that to my skin. It was Tahiti lotion from bath and body works. My whole body was itchy and red.
  6. I'm currently using their daily microfoliant, and I'm quite impressed. Exfoliates well, leaves my skin bright and glowing, and I'm guessing the salicylic acid in it seems to prevent breakouts for me (even er...during that time of the month).
  7. I was recommended the daily microfoliant along with the ultra claming cleanser. My beautician said I only need to use the microfoliant twice a week so should last ages. I must say I was very impressed that there was no hard sell and I was given samples of all the recommended products
  8. I use active moist and love it, it's great on my skin which can sometimes get a little oily. I usually wash my face with dove soap and then moisturise, but I have been using the Ultra Calming Cleanser and i'm impressed with that too.
  9. It's making me want to try more of their products!! I got samples of the total eyecare and that's lovely as well
  10. I only use their anti bac face masque which is excellent. I used their anti- bac face wash, special clearing booster and medicated clearing gel and it made me break out REALLY BAD what a waste of £70!
  11. I use the daily microexfoliant, and I quite like it. It's a lot gentler than other exfoliators, but cause it foams, it still feels like it cleans well.
  12. love 'em.
  13. I keep meaning to try them but I'm holding off because I heard they're really good. However, I got a sample of the tinted moisturizer and it had a really gross smell.
  14. I have sensative oily skin and I LOVE Dermalogica. Have been using it for years. I use the Special Cleansing Gel, the Active Moist, the Skin Prep Scrub, the Toner and the Moisturizing Mask. Love it all.
  15. i've been using it for about 6 weeks now, maybe longer and I can't really tell any difference....I'm thinking about switching...