what do you think of "coach"?

  1. Is it just me or are Coach bags is Downward Trend? Has Coach become too tacky. The bags has become the choice of teeny , grandma and lots of women on the street. A ton of people have coach bags. is that too many people own them?
  2. I dont think it a downward trend.. I think Coach's market target are for everyone.. I think that why each one of their design attract different age group.. Coach had done a good job to target different each season.. Price point are not bad either in most cases especially when the retail bag hit the outlet.. Example- I thought the Bonnie bag that cost 1K are ridiculous..
  3. Too many people that own them means that its 'popular'. Thats a positive not a negative i dont think. Upward in my opinion.
  4. I would say that Coach is on the upward climb trendwise because it's a good quality "designer" bag that alot of people have access to. I live in the midwest amd have little access to anything designer that's not Coach, Juicy Couture, Michael Kors etc. I do buy SOME of my bags online, but in general like to see them IRL before I buy so I'm going to buy what I have access to.

    If you think Coach is tacky then move on or don't carry it. It's persoanl opionion. Personally I think it's tacky to post this where there are alot of Coach lovers. I would never ask if LV or Mulberry were tacky because I know alot of people like them. Maybe some people think LV is tacky because there are SO MANY FAKE LV's just like there's alot of Coach bags and Coach fakes.
  5. I think some of the coach purses are not that great but they have the newer styles which looks greaT! =) i like the ali hobos, and madisons ... i dont like the monogram designs anymore =)
  6. I don't personally like Coach that much but it is good quality for the price and I don't think it's tacky save for maybe a few styles, but the brand as a whole isn't tacky. You see a ton of them because there are so many stores to buy it at. Go in every mid and upper dept store and you will find them. They have their own stores in tons of malls and they have tons of outlets across the country. They're seen as a status symbol and can be had for as little as $200 for a decent sized bag. They also listen to their customers and make user-friendly bags that come in a wide variety of color choices. They stand behind their products. I can see why a lot of people would buy them, if I liked them more I probably would too.
  7. I love Coach in general but not all their designs. Personally, I don't think Coach is a downward trend. Some of their designs are a tad tacky for my liking but again, there are other people out there who like those designs and hate the ones that I like. Coach is not the only brand with some tacky designs because some of the stuffs from more upscale brands like LV and Versace are tacky too!! Regardless, buy what appeals to you. If Coach is not your cup of tea, just don't invest in the brand. Last but not least, Coach is truly value for money in most purchases, which can be seen in the Coach forum itself.
  8. I'm here in my pjs applauding your post! :yahoo: Now to me this is an intelligent and objective approach. Live and let live!

    I hope when the OP becomes a granny that nobody will dictate what bag she can and cannot carry. Now that would be tacky, right?:angel:
  9. I love Coach bags. I originally loved them because of the classic styles in high quality leather that went with almost anything and I still like them for those designs personally, but appreciate the way they are reaching out to a different demographic. I think Coach is trying to attract younger customers by doing more modern designs and using bright, stylish colors now when they used to seem targeted at professional, older women (imo.) When I first started buying Coach products, I always thought of lawyers or business women and the intended audience (judging by the styles and catalogue), now it seems that young women and even teens are fans of the trendy designs. In my opinion, that is a sign of the company trying to attract as many customers as possible by expanding their lines to offer something that will appeal to more women. That can only be a good thing, right?
  10. i think its just an affordable luxury..which is good..but kinda annoying that people still try to carry around the fake ones?!
  11. I think for that reason that why's they have an outlet which price are comparable to the fake ones.. that why I dont understand why ppl would still cary fakes one when they can get a factory bags..
  12. It's not that i don't like Coach bags. i do like some of their design. I normally buy balenciaga , chloe and LV. i like coach. I also have one coach bag. No offense but seem like everywhere i go , i'll see people have the same bag as me or very similar more than when I carry my balenciaga or others. Some people that i know stop carry them because the same reason as me. i start looking for designer that everyone is not carrying. I just don't like to be next to some one with the same bag .
    or maybe It's not that everyone has one, it's that I just purchased one and so now I notice all the people who have one.
  13. alot of people don't know the differance. If you have never owned a real one you wouldn't know.
  14. I think that goes for any designer bag that you buy though, once you purchase one you will notice more ppl around you have the same designer brand..
  15. For one, I do own several real Coach bag.. I dont condoned in fakes. secondly, that not what meant.. What I meant was that when I go to Coach's outlet near me, there people in there would carry a fake Coach bag and buy real Coach bag..