What do you think of Coach Weekend Carryalls?

  1. I have one black Coach Weekend Carryall that I use at school to carry my books in; however, I just LOVE big bags in general. I want to buy the one pictured below, but not just to wear to class, to wear when I go out...shopping, out to eat, etc. Do you think the bag is too big to wear on like an everyday basis? I don't want to stand out.

  2. I am definitely a big bag girl, but that is a little too big IMO!:yes:
    I have the black leather one but I use it as a carry on bag only. It looks too much like luggage to me.:yes:
  3. I'm a big bag lover. I'm 6'0", so I think I can pull it off. If you like it then go for it!
  4. If it suits you and your outfit styles then you should go for it. :tup:
  5. thanks for the input. i think i might go for it. i just don't want to look foolish!
  6. I prefer the small C's collection. I don't really like huge bags, hurts the back and i feel i need to stuff it with junk =)
  7. I carry something of a similar size in to work everyday. It's actually a Hampton Book Tote in Tobacco Leather, but it is very close to the same size. It's nice because it fits my small purse, my change of clothes for after work (I work in a factory and take a shower before I leave), a book, various other bits and things. I even used it as luggage when I went to Portland, OR for overnight with my Mom. Worked really nicely for that.
  8. If it will match your outfit and is pratical than go for it. I am alittle short for that bag, but if I could I would!
  9. everyone knows that i love big bags, but that is just TOO big for an every day bag. that looks like a piece of luggage, or something to carry to work and put a purse inside of.

    but hey, if it's what u like, by all means, do what makes YOU happy.
  10. Would AYNONE wear this as an everyday purse? By everyday, I mean when you wear brown.
  11. No, sorry. It is DEFINITELY too big for me. I like small/medium bags for everyday but if it works for you as an everyday bag, then go for it! Everyone has different needs for an everyday bag. :yes:
  12. Yes, I would use it as an everyday purse. I actually like big purses/bags even tho I'm only 5'-2". I guess I don't really care what it looks like on me, I'm more a necessities gal - I tend to load up my purses with anything that I MAY need. I've had many occasions where I've downsized my purse and kicked myself for not having certain things at hand when I need them. But definitely, if you like the purse regardless of its size and would use it everyday, you should go for it and not care what other think.
  13. thanks, ladies.