What do you think of Coach jewelry?

  1. What do you think of Coach new line of jewelry? I haven't seen any of them in person, but would love to shop this weekend.
  2. The necklaces are super cute, but the boyfriend ring was...meh. Gold usually looks really good on my skin (hehe), and it was just garish on me. And it was waaaay too thick. Although I would have loved to pick up one of the bangles.
  3. The only thing I liked IRL were the necklaces. Everything else just was not my style.
  4. Sorry...but I'm not a fan of it at all.

    I just think it's "too much"...and Coach should stick to handbags...
  5. I have seen IRL and LOVE IT!!! My fav are the bangles, they are way too cute... gotta get some :smile:
  6. try the long daphne heart necklace


    with the daphne snaphead one


    they look soo cute together.

    but the pinks aren't as vibrant in person.

    still good picks tho
  7. I think some of it is really pretty - but overpriced for essentially costume & silver - was considering if PCE included it but rumor is no:sad:
  8. love the bracelets...there are more that are in the red book that are even cuter than what has been either on the web or in catalogs...so don't think what's out is all there is.
  9. I've seen the jewelry IRL and it's okay. It didn't really appeal to me at all. I think Coach does a better job with bags than jewelry!
  10. Exactly!!!!
  11. I like the bangle bracelets, and have always liked their earrings...but agree that the new necklaces and such are "too much" and too much $$ for what they are. I could get similar styles at Forever21 without the word Coach
  12. It was much bigger in person than I expected - it's too chunky for my taste, and I don't know that I think the pictures online give a good idea of just how big some of the pieces are in person.
  13. Does anyone know how long the chain on the Daphne heart necklace is?

  14. I think the jewelry is very pretty. I will probably not be buying anything for a couple reasons: 1) I am pretty conservative with jewelry and I wear mostly basics (pearls or diamond studs; my wedding ring; and a watch); and 2) I already wear so much Coach that I don't want to be walking Coach advertisement. :p
  15. I like their jewelry but the bracelets and bangles are not made for wrist over 7 inches. :sad:

    Well at least my wallet is happy!