What do you think of CL "defile" pumps?

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  1. They are the ones w/ suede & leather, with 120mm heels.
    I love them but I don't know if I can wear 120mm?
    I think the platforms may help but I am just not so sure...
    Any thoughts on these shoes in general?
  2. I just bought the Defil at Barneys SF yesterday and love them! I'm used to wearing 4 inch heels, so it's not hard for me to walk in those. I think the suede makes it very comfy on the foot because it seems to wrap around it yet it's soft and a bit stretchy. I've attached a pic of them on.
    I guess the best thing is to actually try them on. Let us know what you decided on. :smile:
  3. i presaled these shoes in brown, can't wait to pick them up! they were really easy to walk in. platform helps a ton.
  4. Honestly? They are the only pair of louboutins I would never wear. I have an almost insane hatred of contrast stitching, especially white thread on black leather. If it wasn't for the contrast stitching then they'd be fine!
  5. I like them and thought about ordering them.
  6. Aargh, I broke down.
    Ordered the defil ones as well.
    I figure these prices are too good to pass up.
  7. I tried these on yesterday at NM, loving that they were on sale. The problem was that I found them harder to walk in than the patent Rolandos. They're both the same height, but the Defile felt so much higher and wobblier to walk in. I think the patent leather on the Rolandos hugged the foot a little better over the suede on the defiles.