What do you think of Chanel Jersey bags ?

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  1. i saw the chanel bag in classic jersey on display at the store today. it was gorgeousss. my questions to jersey material bag owners are

    1)is it difficult to maintain? because it's sorta like cloth, won't it start fraying after awhile, and then begin to feel 'furry'?

    2)would there be color transfer?

    3)are you able to take it out if it rains? i mean what if i'm already out and it starts raining! would it be ruined?

    thank you. :biggrin:

  2. I have one and although it's beautiful, it is not maintenance free like caviar leather or distress calf skin like the type used in reissue flaps. Lint does attach to the surface of the fabric, and since mine is black, lint is obvious. Jersey is a cloth fabric. As for fraying, I've only used it 2x, so not enough time for fraying. I do have a few tiny pillings on the back of the bag due to contact with my clothes during wear.

    I don't know about color transfer. I assume that is a possibility even with leather bags.

    I wouldn't take it out during rain. :nogood: This may weaken the fiber in the fabric. It also depends on fabric: wool jersey or cotton jersey. Slight rain may not ruin it unless it is a down pour.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Hi Chanel lovers.. I would like to ask for your opinion. What do you think of reissue jersey ? How durable is the material ? Will it long last ? Do i have to baby the bag ?
    I saw this on website and i like it. My SA told me the jersey is durable and no need to baby at all, but i just need another opinion. Everyone comments are very welcome. TIA.
    This picture is from chanel website.

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  4. I personally don't like reissue in jersey since it's easier to dirty. Leather is more carefree than cloth. Plus jersey is not easy to clean.
  5. I was thinking about buying this jersey bag 227. But it is $3600. I rather get a leather one.
  6. My SA told me we don't need to baby this bag at all. Well, i guess she was wrong.. :sad:
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  7. Yes, the price is quiet high.. I was thinking jersey is easier to maintain than leather.. That is why i need opinions from all of you.. :smile:
  8. I have a small flap in charcoal jersey and like it very much. I don't use it too often so I can't say on durability. I don't baby it but I am very careful with it to not get any spills on it or make sure it doesn't rub onto anything. I like it for a more casual look. But if you're thinking about getting this as an alternative to leather I wouldn't do it. It won't pay to skimp out now to save some money - you'll regret it. Also, be aware that because fabric is much softer, jersey will sag a bit when full. It's a beautiful bag, you should try to see it in person if you haven't. Good luck deciding
  9. I was considering a Jersey Reissue as well but decided against it. First, I would be very concerned about spills or stains since they would be hard to remove. Second, I was worried about pilling of the fabric over time. Finally, when I saw it IRL, I did not find the quilting very distinctive. The stitching sort of gets lost in the fabric if that makes sense and it is hard to see any detail on the bag.
  10. Thank you for everyone input. I have reissue in leather. The reason i want to buy jersey is because i really love reissue design, and i want to wear to office. Sometimes i bring my leather 227 to work, but somehow i just feel 'too much'.. Thats why i'm thinking the jersey one.. :smile:
  11. Go for leather
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  12. Er, I think the jersey reissue is also too much for the price you are paying.
  13. I bought the 227 in navy blue jersey from the 57th Street boutique in NYC earlier this month. My SA has one of these bags from a few years back so was able to provide me with valuable advice in how it is wearing long term. She said over time there will be some wear on the fabric (she showed me an example) but at the end of the day it is dependent on how often you intend to use the bag. I am heavy on my seasonal bags for daily use and bring my classics and evening bags out for special occasions only. I am pleased with the bag and am looking forward to using it soon but will certainly be careful as to what fabric I wear with it. HTH
  14. I don't think it's such a good idea, as it will get dirty v fast. If there are liquid stains should be quite hard to remove.
  15. Thank you for everyone input. I will think again about this bag. Does anyone have better idea beside reissue jersey for work ? I want medium bag, not another tote bag. My current work bags are : gst, biarritz and lv empriente artsy. Any idea ? TIA..