What do you think of Chanel "inspired" bags?

  1. Obviously, the real thing is the best. But since i'm still saving up for the real thing at the moment, do you think its alright carrying a Chanel inspired bag? Like a flap quilted bag but with no chanel logos whatsoever? Its just that i really love the style of the classic flap and its going to take me a year to save up for it. I only paid $10 for this inspired bag, and its made of real leather & vintage too. What do you think?
  2. I'm not so keen on inspired bags at all, its a waste of money, I would rather buy a "this is not a plastic bag instead" for general use.
  3. i think its totally ok...................go for it, and save up!!!
  4. If it's only $10, I would go for it. It's leather too...great deal!...
  5. ^definitely!
    its not a fake. what i think of when you say designer inspired is a big cambon tote with two "O's" instead of cc
  6. I think you probably just wasted your money. But, I can understand wanting something...and having to save for a while to get it. Hang in there.
  7. omg! those are so nasty! have u actually seen people carrying it? i would rather die. lol x
  8. As long as it is not a fake, I think you should buy it!
    Inspired bags are definitely for people, who like you, haven't saved up enough money for a Chanel :smile:

    And that is way way way better than owning a Fake chanel. So, I say, go for it
  9. Inspired to me is not the same as a blatant, tasteless (IMHO) copy... and for $10, really you aren't losing a thing. I would say, carry the $10 bag, and when you have enough money saved up, you'll have a gorgeous, authentic classic flap, and can kiss that $10 bag goodbye.
  10. Plenty of other designers make Quilted bags which you could say are chanel inspired, Dior, Prada and Marc Jacobs are just a few, so I don't think one should knock a bag for being Chanel inspired so long as it doesn't have the fake logos or anything. If you love a bag, go for it.
  11. $10, you can't go wrong if you like it. But keep saving girl.
  12. i'm still standing on the diving board, thinking about taking the chanel plunge myself. i think trying out an inspired version is a good way to test the style you are looking at, i can't spend $2k or more, and then decide that it isn't working for me. so carry the inspired, then buy the real one if it is what you love.
  13. Not a fan of anything ""Inspired" = "FAKE"
  14. thanks about the "inspired" encouragement. I dont understand why some people think "Inspired" = fake tho?

    other than being a quilted flap bag, the bag i have looks nothing like a real chanel. The quilted diagonals are much smaller and the clasp is an oval shape.
  15. Didn't mean to offend you. All I can think of when I see "Inspired" are those annoying spam emails from eBay selling fake bags. I'm sure your bag is lovely. :smile: