What do you think of Chanel eyeglasses?Eyeglasses, purse, earrings..too many CC's?

  1. I just purchased a new outfit at a Macy's and the SA had on the cutest black quilted eye glasses. They looked so adorable. However, thats all she had on.

    I regularily wear my CC logo earrings, carry my Chanel purse and sometimes wear my CC logo ballet flats or my necklace....is that too many CC's?

    If i wanted to wear just the eye glasses, and carry my purse and earrings---does that look like Chanel overload?

    What do people think of the eyeglasses?
  2. I think its a bit much. All at once. Just my opinion. I have all the gear but I wear it more broken up. The most I have worn is Bag and earrings and even then sometimes...I think its borderline.

    I love the eyeglasses but just didnt find anything that looked good on me. instead I settled for my Prada pair. But I wish Icould find a Chanel pair I liked!
  3. We had a thread on this awhile back. It is a little hard to carry off all those CC logos without looking like a Chanel whore.
  4. Yeah that might be a bit much. For me, I stick to bag and shoes, sometimes a pair of earrings (not dangly ones). If I'm wearing the sunglasses though, I'll forgo the earrings so I don't have 4 logos on my head lol. I kind of do this:
    Bag/shoes/earrings (or necklace or sunglasses)
    shoes/earrings (or necklace)/sunglasses

    Any more than 3 IMO is too much.
  5. I think the earrings OR the glasses would work with a Chanel bag. More than that would be too much, in my opinion.
  6. I always like mixing up designers and putting everything together so that it is something that is my own fashion sense. I like the "challenge" of putting together a whole look mixing many designer so that they all go together.

    All my eyeglasses and sunglasses are Chanel. My eyeglasses are the rimless with the small ccs and not screaming Chanel . . .

    I have worn the glasses and costume jewelry together.

    I just purchased Chanel handbags and shoes (thank you PF for challenging me in a new way to pay off my bills :wondering_)

    I was just thinking about this . . . I don't think I would wear shoes and the handbag - if I wore Chanel shoes, I would probably carry a different designer and vice versa . . .
  7. I think that would be a little too much! You can wear 2 or maximum 3 items, and look ok. But I believe 2 items from the same brand should be enough!
  8. I agree with Maxter on this one. I try to be careful with the logo's. I do wear my CC stud earrings with a bag, but I don't wear the shoes when I have the earrings on.
  9. yep I am starting to agree. I think since I just got my first Chanel a couple months ago....it was just hard not to get to use her everyday. She would look so lonely getting stuffed into her sleeper bag :sad: and I just love the purse.

    But I want to be able to mix and match a bit. :yes:
  10. Had to laugh about looking like a Chanel whore. If the cc's are in-your-face-large then one does look like a walking Chanel ad. Are people saying who does she think she is as you walk past -- moreover, do I care? It's difficult to throw a look together and be subtle even mixing up -- at least here in W.Va where most think Wal-Mart is a premier shopping experience. Dress to the mood and have fun with it!
  11. I personally think that's too much. I love the eyeglasses and have several of them. The red & turquoise have swarovski crystals on them. I took a close up so you can see. I LOVE them:love:

  12. I love all of those eyeglasses!!! Very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Wow...all those eyeglasses are very cute!!
  14. I think one or two max -if one of them is inconspicuous without huge logo cc's. When I see someone with CCs all over them it just looks like they are trying wayyy too hard. I would feel self conscious if I had CCs on sunglasses, a bag, and say a necklace and earrings- just too much.

    I have a pair of Chanel aviator sunglasses that I adore and one of the reasons that I love them is because they only have CHANEL engraved very small on the think metal arms on each side. I know they are Chanel, but everyone else doesn't have to know how much I paid for them. I love the Chanel logo, but just not too much at once.
  15. I have the black eye glasses with the swarovski crystal CC's like pictured above. I don't own anything else Chanel, so wearing those that loud is okay. I get more compliments on my glasses. I just need a brown pair now because I feel silly wearing them with anything brown because they're black.