What do you think of carrying the Grand Shopper in the evening

  1. I just got the bag and have not used it yet. Is it too casual to carry at night. Not as an evening bag, but with a more casual outfit???
  2. Congrats!!! I almost got that one...

    I don't think it's too casual for night, at all! IMHO. I think it's a wonderful all around handbag. Hope you enjoy it!
  3. well...its a huge bag to carry at night.
    But hey if you want to carry it just go ahead! your bag your choice! :smile:
  4. no way is it too casual, it's one of those bags that can be carried all day w/ pretty much anything IMO!
  5. Not too casual but perhaps a bit too big......
  6. you guys change your bag from day to evening when casual?

    I don't have time or energy for that. I think 98% of Chanel's bags can go from morning to night :biggrin:
  7. As long as you're not going to something formal, I think it would be fine. I'm with Swanky; I don't change my bag out from day to evening.
  8. I agree, most bags can go from morning to night, however, for me, the grande shopper would be too big for an evening out.
  9. I carried mine from work to dinner once! I don't care during weekdays but when I go out on weekend I prefer sth smaller!
  10. I rarely change my bags from day to night. I say, go for it.
  11. I agree with Rose... it's too big IMHO. I tend to change my bags when i go from work/running errands to dinner out with my DH or friends. I just don't like big bags in the evening. The only time I use my daytime bag is if I'm just meeting people for coffee or drinks, then I won't bother changing.

  12. I JUST GOT IT TODAY! Well bought it last week but they just shipped it to me. So much for the wait. If you are going to a posh wayyyyy upscale party, then I would say no, but if it's just for drinks and dinner, why not. I'll do it!
  13. I think it is fine to carry unless you are in cocktail or more formal attire.
  14. I agree with Swanky 110%! I think ANY chanel handbag is wonderful for ALL occasion, that's the beauty of Chanel. It even dresses up a Jeans and shirt outfit and makes one look elegant and classy instantly.

    Except for maybe the clear ones for evening.. I'm not crazy about the clear ones.
  15. I guess it really depends where you are going....

    I would not take a grand shopper 'clubbing' or to a formal dinner out, but for most other occasions it should be OK if you don't mind toting a big bag around.
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