What do you think of Burberry wool coats?

  1. Hi all,
    I am thinking about getting a wool coat from Burberry, particularly the one from the pic. What do you guys think? What are your experiences with burberry wool coat? Is it warm enough? (I live in Denver, Colorado and petite:smile: Any comments help. TIA!
  2. it's a very cute coat! i'm in colorado too!
  3. Well they better be warm! They're a huge classic so I'm sure they will live up to the expectations.
  4. I don't know about that exact coat, but Nordstrom often stocks Burberry wool and trench coats in petite sizes.
  5. I'm not into the military theme in that coat, the many silver buttons and all, just not my taste. And just from the looks of it, this seems to be pretty thin. It'd be nice for autumn, but if you are looking for a coat to wear through winter I'd suggest going to a store and taking a look for yourself because you can never be too sure.
  6. If you have a burberry outlet store nearby, you can get these coats very cheap in about February. They had wool and cashmere coats at my local outlet last Feb. and they were marked down as low as $300 at that time.
  7. I love Burberry coats but have not purchased one. I tried one on at Nordstroms and loved it until I saw the price tag $895. I mean for that price I could purchased a purse and a cute pair of jeans. Maybe as winter gets closers I will break down and buy one.
  8. DimpleGirl,

    I just bought that exact coat a few days ago in the chocolate brown. I'm a petite sz 4 and the coat hits just above the knee and doesn't swallow me. The coat is gorgeous. Although it's wool, it's not too heavy, but I haven't had a chance to put it to the test (its 70 degrees today in Virginia). I think once you try it on, you'll love it!!
  9. Thanks everyone for your inputs. I don't have a burberry outlet near by so I will be missing out on the sale. But I did stop by a burberry store and got a similar one to the one I posted (check out the link). yay:yahoo:

    WinieLover, you are right, the coat is gorgeous. I got a size 2 and the coat fits me very nicely, hits just above the knee as well. It is very light and so soft. The price is a lil steep but I had a hard time finding one that would fit nicely, so I couldn't pass up this one. Plus, I'm afraid that by the time it gets to the outlets, they won't have my size.
  10. I love Burberry coats. The quality is excellent (they last for years), they fit well, and they are very warm. I just bought a new one yesterday (the priestwood), and I am waiting for a day cold enough to wear it!
  11. So glad for you! Enjoy.
  12. This exact coat is sold out in the entire country. I have been trying to get it in my size 2 for over a week, and no luck. I tried it on in the store and it looks amazing on. I doubt this style will ever make it to the outlets at the rate they are selling them!
  13. Very cute! Congratulations on making the decision to buy when you did - as they have sold out! (if you're tired of it by now maybe you can put it on e-bay and make a profit :graucho:)I have a Burberry wool coat, not that one, but a gorgeous tweed. It is very well fitting.
  14. I like a lot of their coats but don't have any.