What do you think of Brooke?

  1. Do any of you have a Brooke? I've been wanting a black patent Kooba. For my birthday last month, the Kooba website put the Brookes on sale so hubby bought me one. I've carried it everyday to give it a chance to earn my love. Unfortunately, it's like a big, oblong tackle box. Yes, I love the pockets, but no matter how evenly you distribute the load, it wants to hang off center. The double handles are just long enough for shoulder carrying but they aren't comfortable. One would have been better than two. Getting inside is like getting into Ft. Knox. In addition to turnlock flap, there's a big zipper that doesn't always set just right - have to play with it. When you close it, the handles always want to get caught beneath the flap so you have to play with that. Anyway, it's had four days now. Yes the size is good, the pockets are great, but the rest loses. So, she's going to make a quick exit our of my collection. Now ... to find another black patent bag. I already have an ink Parker and I'm not that crazy about the Natsha, so I think I might go with one of those funky Arum bags. Anyone have thoughts on the Brooke? Here's a couple pictures on mine loaded down.
    Front.jpg side.jpg Back.jpg
  2. Oy--I wish my husband would buy me a Kooba.
  3. I've never really been drawn to the Brooke. Always thought it a bit odd looking. Don't like the rounded look of the top of the bag and the pockets don't sit right with me on a bag of its size.

    The big sis Parker bag is a beauty though. How do you like your Parker? I've wanted to get one in brown forever but they are hard to find. I'm thinking it's going to be a while before I find one. They sure don't seem to show up used.
  4. They are hard to find. I bought my ink Parker used from Lexie so I was lucky. I love the Parker and if I could find a good price on a black patent one, I may very well do that. I was watching one but the bid just jacked up to $355 so, forget that one. Plus, there are fakes. So you've got to be careful. Be sure to post any auctions links on them in the authenticate thread before bidding.
  5. Guess I should add that the ink Parker was a listed eBay auction and I was the lucky winner!
  6. This cracked me up! My birthday is next week and lastnight my hubby asked me what I wanted. I said I needed nothing. He asked if I wanted a Kooba! Knowing full well I am reducing collection size he asks me that! Especially after he is the one that 'delicately' pointed out that we have absolutely no closet space left in this house because of my bags. Cracked me up. I behaved myself and said no thank you (had I won a bag I recently bid on I would have said "sure...it just so happens....").

    Maybe I should ask him to build me a special closet like Lexie's....with hooks and such. Hmmm..... :graucho:
  7. Ack. I would have said forget that one as well.

    Boy, you aren't kidding about the fakes on that line. Thanks for the reminder. If any browns pop up I'll be sure to post in the thread.

    Congrats on that ink Parker! Knowing where it came from I'm sure it was in excellent condition as well! :tup:
  8. Get the Patent Parker. I actually was thinking of selling mine this week, but fortunately for me, it didn't go through! What was I THINKING????:confused1:

    There's no patent leather that's as soft and smooshy as the Kooba Parker and that bag is wonderful as far as being usable.

    I always thought the Brooke would be cool in the caramel..but now that you mention that issue, I probably won't think its worth it now.

    Oh I wanted to tell you too that I tied a black silk scarf on it with silver suns, moons, stars and stuck on my Coach Skull charm. PERFECT trick or treat bag! hehehe
  9. Thanks, Grace. I do love the Parker so will be watching for a black patent one to become available - on sale or on eBay. Of course, if you get tired of yours and she needs a new home, I'll be happy to give her one. :smile:
  10. I always like the Brooke but I'm not a Patent fan. It's just sooo shiny. I love the pockets but not the turnlock flap. And the shoulder strap looks a little too short for comfort. Throw it on eBay Larke with the rest of the unwanted bags. To someone else it's very Wanted.
  11. I have already decided I GET NOTHING FOR CHRISTMAS this year!!! My dh is going to think I have totally lost it as in the past I can always find a few nice things I "need" but I have been veeerrry bad lately. Luckily I am the ones who does the bills in this household so what he doesn't know won't hurt!!!!

    Happy Birthday (early) Koobame!!!!!! :queen::queen::queen::queen::queen: