What do you think of bold glasses?

  1. Hi! I wasn't sure where to post this--not quite health and beauty, not quite jewelry either.

    I have been wearing glasses for a few yrs. I have recently gotten back to wearing contacts "part time" so at least I know I can wear them to formal events, sporting events, etc.

    My current glasses are a dark brown plastic versace frame, a fairly bold frame on my face, but I just got a bit bored of it after 2 years. It is my face after all and it's nice to have a bit of variation.

    As a second pair I just had my local place order these in "havana" which is a darkish tortoise shell with black crystals on the side.

    A swatch of the acutal color is here:

    What's your gut instinct? Too blingy? Just right? I am 28 and wear pretty casual clothes most of the time (ie jeans, dark sneakers, and a cashmere sweater or hoodie). I thought they'd be a good boost to my look.

    Sorry I don't have any photos of me wearing them. I took a few photos on my phone but for some reason they got deleted when I got home.

    Just wondering how you feel about these in general. Would you consider wearing them?
  2. YES! Those are cute and aren't too over the top. I just got a pair of Versace glasses. The part that holds the lenses is black and the "legs" are white. And there's some crystal detail on the side of the legs.

    I LOVE the look of bold glasses as long as they're not overwhelming! Those are very cute!
  3. Congrats on your new versaces! Mine have held up really well. And I still looooove the color, it's like a soft, washed/burnished/variegated brown. Really nice on my veeeerrrry pale skin and jet brown hair! I hope mine aren't too dark--the tortoise is definitely darker than my current ones. What I like about these frames is that they aren't tooo heavy in the front so they aren't too overwhelming, it's the sides that have all the glitz--so you don't end up seeing too much frame all @ once.
  4. Wow, those are absolutely gorgeous. I think I might order a pair as well.
  5. its so gorgeous, mine's a red pair. so definitely. =)
  6. i love them. iv got a ralpf lauren pair similar to the chanels. i think they are a nice everyday type of glasses. depends on how your hair is though, i dnt think they would look as good on someone with light hair, mines dark brown
  7. I don't think they're over the top at all. The are very "brandy" that's all. There are glasses far more outrageous than this.
  8. I like them, if you dress conservatively, I agree they would be nice to boost your look. As my friend would say, "They pop."
  9. they are nice :yes: I wear glasses also and each time I get a new frame they are similar to the ones posted. I never wear wire frames always plastic
  10. I've seen those and they are great!
    The frame shape is very new and popular. Hope you will be very happy with them.
  11. Love it! I have a pair similar to the chanel's in the OP. Yeah, I do need glasses more and more these days, so I have a pair like this, my "nerd-y pair" as I call them, and some with thinner, rounder frames.

    Looks great!!
  12. I have a very similar pair by MIU MIU. I love them & I have never received so many compliments on glasses before! I like the glasses you posted!
  13. Those are actually similar to my new prada frames...except my prada frames just have 5 black crystals in a line on the temples. They're definitely very bold frames...but I've gotten a TON of compliments on them since I got them. They were good for me too because I have a super high prescriptions and the style of the frame helps disguise that. I work for a super conservative company...and everyone at work loves them as well as all my outside clients I work with.

    These are them but mine are black [​IMG] (thats not me by the way...is a pic from an online eyeglass store!).
  14. I have a pair of bold glasses....I love the style of them, and though i do not wear them all of the time, I love to wear them to add something to my face....
  15. thats not over the top at all! Very cute!