what do you think of Bleu jean?

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  1. I think that’s what I like the most about it - it’s so soft and mushy looking - but still chic ...
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  2. Interesting how you use the Blue Jean more than your BE...I’m thinking and plotting now as I’m typing ! But I really need to stay on Ban Island ...
  3. DSC_1653.JPG DSC_1654.JPG
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  4. left to right :
    Blue paradise, blue izmir, blue electric, blue atoll, blue jeans, blue jeans.
  5. Wow ! Lovely family - I thought cobalt was my favorite blue - now have to rethink it !
  6. You and me both!
  7. I’ve seen a JPG Birkin in blue jean online and I love the look of it and the idea of being able to wear it on my shoulder but suspect at 5’2 it’s just going to look way too long on me. Do you mind me asking how tall you are and how you get on with it please?
  8. I pretty much wear my BJ Evie everyday year round. It's my workhorse and desperately needs to go to spa...again. For me, the color goes with everything, even the cat.

    Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 12.37.10 AM.png
  9. i have had my eye on a Victoria in BJ, was available on h.com for a while, but I am on ban island cause I just won something in an auction. I have been a fan of the color ever since I became aware of Hermes, long before I ever thought I would own one of their bags!! My Bolide is blue nuit though, because I needed it to work for my job.
  10. Thank you nicole!
    It is Taurillon Novillo.
    It's softer than Togo but a bit tighter than Swift Leather.
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  11. Oh so sorry nicole :facepalm:
    I misunderstood you, the BE is Taurillon Novillo.
    The JPG Shoulder B is Clemence.
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  12. Your cat is so beautiful she looks perfect next to your BJ :hbeat: love red cats !
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  13. @Tonimichelle
    I am also 160 cm / 5`3
    JPG B is big to be honest, but I love it very much because I can wear it on the shoulder which is very comfortable so I have my hands free and it fits in a lot.

    The proportion is a bit too big in comparison to my size, but I like to make this compromise for the above mentioned advantages.

    When I carry her on my shoulder, she does not feel heavy either.
  14. Ah thank you! Although that makes it even more tempting! I love the idea of being able to wear one on my shoulder, I can get my B35 on my shoulder if I’m not wearing a coat but it’s not ideal.