what do you think of Bleu jean?

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  1. I’m a huge blue jean fan - yearning for a blue jean Birkin really got me into Hermès. Last year I updated my watch strap to a blue jean one - on my wrist paired with a silver tone watch, it is fresh and happy.
  2. This was once upon a time must have color before blue electric hit the market haha
  3. It seems to work well as a neutral.
  4. I have to ‘fess up : I Never liked blue jean - however, scrolling through action pics- it is really
    growing on me- I think I saw Kate Moss carrying a vintage Blue Jean Birkin that literally took my
    Breath away - so chic ...I’ll try to post it if I can find it ...
  5. Blue Jean is probably my favorite color. I"ve tried to request it from my SA but the color hasn't been brought back for a B or a K. Absolutely love that color with the white contrast stitching
  6. F7A99194-F7E9-4176-9085-279823B578A9.jpeg
    Is it this one?! I love this pic and have it saved on my iPad :smile:
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  7. There is a version of that as well as when she’s wearing a trench coat and she has a red scarf tied to the bag- I’ve got the picture - but for some bizarre reason it won’t let me
    Post- isn’t BJ beautiful ?
  8. I’m still trying to post it ...something about the file being too big ? :facepalm:
  9. ADA0793C-ABFC-4325-BDB0-B700B6E50FF4.jpeg Still trying to load the photo ...
  10. I think I had some success ! Doesn’t Kate look chic ? Something about the red with the blue ...
  11. I did a search and also found this one, as well as another with the trench coat and the red scarf. I’ve always had mixed feelings about Blue Jean, but she makes it fabulous.

    8AF8EA75-131E-46DB-A3CA-697BEF447E97.jpeg 36A1C525-EBA3-427C-B233-CA147F7313ED.jpeg
  12. I love Bleu Jean. It's a baby blue/grey color and you definitely need to see it in person to really appreciate how beautiful and unique it is. I prefer my Bleu Jean birkin to my black birkin because it is an unassuming color that brightens up every outfit. Bleu Jean is a color that makes the birkin easy to wear because it makes it casual and less in your face. It's not going to match an outfit, but will compliment most colors and it is a beautiful refreshing neutral.
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  13. your pictures awake my thought with blue jeans because i love the colour itself, and it's looks so chic on kate moss however it doesn't look right on me whenever i try it, maybe BJ is the colour for caucasian with blond hair but not for chinese asian like me:doh:
  14. I love it and would love to find a Birkin in it one day. I actually like how this one looks really beaten up and used too (I’m weird I know!).
  15. Hello juss,
    I own a Pico and a JPG Shoulder Birkin in BJ.
    I love this color and wear it to my wardrobe (light and dark blue, gray, white, black and pink) without thinking because it always fits.
    However I carry BJ only in summer, spring and autumn, in winter I wear my BE Birkin.
    I hope it helps !