what do you think of Bleu jean?

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  1. your blue jean is beautiful, love this blue.
  2. Love BJ. It's on my wish list. I can totally understand why BJ was a big hit back then. Being an old statement color doesn't mean it's outdated.
  3. Thank you!! Mine is stamp T. I have had for a year exactly, but I carry it the most out of all my B's. I have a 5 and 3 year old, and it has been on numerous trips. It has held up really well. I have not had any problems dirt wise. I do store all my bag in their boxes, stuffed, with dust bags, etc. My GF just got hers back from the boutique after a cleaning and it looks brand new. Hers was getting a little dingy after 5 years of use, but still was not bad at all. I was surprised myself about how much it actually goes with.
  4. You carry bj so well
    Make it so attractive
  5. Is it me or does the more current shade of blue jeans look darker? I wasn't really a fan of blue jean before but after these pictures, it's growing on me. It looks great!
  6. Just to clarify, the first pic of me modeling with grey sweater in the true color of the bag. The second pic is off my IG account and I have a slightly darker filter on that pic. That being said, I have seen colors change from year to year. I also have seen a wide variety of black togo as the dye adheres differently to each bag. I personally love that it is a little bit of a muted blue with grey undertone. Thank you, carabelli88!!
  7. Thank you very much, bagidiotic!! Appreciate the sweet words!! I learn so much from all of you on here!!!

    Aww, thank you, Blue Rain! It was actually my first choice even over black. I completely agree with you on the outdated comment. I think it comes down to how the individual carries it, how they style it, and the confidence factor. :hugs:

    Thank you so very much, QTbebe! You all are so sweet. I just wanted to throw in a diff perspective of the color, because I know it's not everyones cup of tea.
  8. Bumping this thread to try to get some inspiration to carry Blue Jean GM Picotin.
  9. I have a b35 in this color, and found a b30 for my birthday that’s en route. I love it. It’s a neutral pop of color that goes dressy or casual depending on the event.
  10. Is Blue Jean still in production? It's the only blue shade I like.
  11. Just beautiful.
  12. I still love my BJ B despite all the other blues I have acquired since then.
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  13. I love it when paired with GHW on a retourner kelly.
  14. Rested
  15. I have a bj Evelyne, it was my first brand new H bag. I chose it above all the others available at the time knowing nothing about H colours, simply because I liked it. I love wearing it in summer especially, sometimes it looks very turquoise, sometimes very grey, and I’ve had people stop me to ask about the bag and compliment the colour. Also from a practical point of view it’s worn extremely well, no colour transfer etc.