what do you think of Bleu jean?

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  1. i searched this forum for bleu jean discussions and they date 2008 when this color was very popular and was my fav blue as well. dreamed of a K, never got one in BJ...

    now i have moved to other blues and have bleu atoll in a B and colvert/turquoise DS. i always wanted to have a dark blue bolide, but i need size 37 which rarely appears pre-owned. i see a BJ bolide in 37 size and excellent condition, but it is bleu jean niot dark blue as i thought i should get... do you guys prefer bolides in darker colors or brighter?

    owners of BJ bags please tell how easy the color is to wear - especially in a coutry that has grey summers, little sun and lots of rain....:cry::cry:

    thank you in advance!
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  2. Blue Jean Birkin30 was my first birkin back in 2008. I still love the color today. I live in a climate that has four different seasons of weather and I use my Blue Jean bag during all the seasons. I find it goes with everything. A true neutral:smile:

    I also have a blue atoll birkin and find that this bag is more limited to spring and summer.

    Good luck!!
  3. Not a blue jean fan. It's too muted and bland for me but I prefer deep toned, or pop neutral colors. Blue jean is neither. I love the bolide and am also in search of one. For a 37, because of the size, I prefer darker colors like raisin or blue Saphir. For a 31, I like fun, pop colors like orange poppy or blue hydra.
    However, If you like Bj, then go for it as it really depends on what you like.
  4. Not one of my favourite blues, however, if you like it that's all that matters. I live in the UK so not great weather here either and think BJ would be OK year round if I ever id decide to get that colour.
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    Like LVLover, I have BJ B30 in swift. It was my second Birkin and I still love it til today. I have many shades of blue (thalassa, ciel, sapphire, Izmir, electric blue). If you're a blue lover like me I think you'll like it. I had to stop buying blues because I have too many now and needed to diversify. BJ is a great neutral color for year round for sure. And I love bolides too but as much as I love BJ I would still say only get it if you love both combined.
  6. Bj was my 2nd birkin many years back
    I bought it coz i love contrast stitching
    Still love it till today
    Very easy to pair
  7. I live in Belgium, so lots of rain, long winters and not a lot of sun. I have à Lindy in bleu Jean and I love it. Evertime I use it, people compliment me, especially on the colour. In winter it looks beautiful with à Camel coat.
  8. I was just admiring Heidi Klum's blue jean B in the star/public figures thread...
  9. i believe its the only blue with contrast stitching?
  10. thank you! i agree with you re BA - still such a beautiful color, isnt it?

  11. you have a point, i also quite changed my perception and preferences, that is why in doubt. prefer brighter, and more intense colors.

    size wise, which do you prefer? i recall you mentioned in other discussion you are not very tall, but you do carry 37, dont you? thank you!
  12. thank you, we suffer from similar climate! i do have my doubts re the color - one of my favorites before...

  13. I have also seen Blue thalassa with contrast stitching

    OP, regarding blue jean, bases on pics I used to think I did not like the color, but once I saw it in real life I liked it a lot. It's so easy to wear and blends jn quite well. I do find it casual though, so it depends on how you would use the bolide.

  14. you are right, there are many temptations putthere bag-wise, we should get only what seems perfect all specs considered. i AM a blue lover. and H blues are so beautiful.
    it is great you are still in love with your B:smile:!
  15. Blue Azur also has contrast stitching.