What do you think of Bleu de France/French Blue?


What do you think of the Bleu de France/French Blue?

  1. Great stand-out color, love it!

  2. Nah, it's too much.

  3. Like it, but not *love* it.

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  1. I used to think it's too bright/too blue, but the more I look at it, the prettier it seems......the magic of bbags....*sigh*.....is going to break my piggy bank:shame:
  2. I didn't like it until today. I had only seen pics but then I finally saw it in person this afternoon and its really really beautiful!
  3. Wonder if I can still order it....I used to be apprehensive, but I saw the picture of the coin purse someone bought, it's so pretty......I can never make up my mind about anything LOL
  4. I love it! I just adore the intensity of it (although I've only seen it in pics).
  5. I love it and I've seen it IRL and it's fab!
  6. i love my coin purse I am actually thinking about a gold hardware french blue bag
  7. :drool: totally love this colour!
  8. Saw it at Barneys and I really LIKED it but wouldn't buy one for myself ... I just can't pull off bright colors :shrugs:

    Very pretty tho
  9. I like it and think it's a gorgeous color, just too bright for me personally.
  10. I love the color and would love something small in it - perhaps a First or wallet or toilet case(not a fan of the TC until recently when everone began posting pics of their cases).
  11. I love the color, but I dont think I could carry a bag with so much brightness. DEFINITELY accessories: money wallet, makeup, coin purse...
  12. I just got it in the coin purse yesterday - it is so beautiful and bright! And it's easy to find inside the black bag lining. I think it would be a great color in a bag too, but it is definitely bright - I think a first would be fab!
  13. awww...thanks everyone for the encouragement. do you think it's hard to pull off for me? mid 20s, classic chic is what i would categorize my style--jeans/johnson shorts, flats/wedges, polos/basic tees/girlie blouse, of course suits for work, jewelry minimalist. so essentially the bag will be the center piece.

    also, do they still have it in first at balny?

    any opinions are welcomed. thank you everyone for all your kind and helpful input!
  14. You sound a lot like me and I love French Blue. I saw it IRL (with giant hardware - NOT a good combination) and it actually seemed less intense than I was expecting. I think as long as the bag is the center piece of your outfit, it will look fantastic :yes:.

    I can't help you with finding one though...I'm still searching myself:ninja:
  15. Did we miss the BalNY boat already? I know they had waiting lists, but I didn't get on one, I thought i'd want a different blue last year.

    Anyone else heard anything about the FB first at Balny?