What do you think of Blak MC Alma on 42 years old?


May 30, 2009
Hello my dear TPFers.
I own black MC Alma for over 4 years now. My DH bought it for me on Valentines day. Initially I was going to just get a classy mono Alma, but my DH insisted to get a MC Alma. ( He really loved it!!) He was telling me "don't get NORMAL Alma, if you are going to spend some money, get something different." (??????) Anyways, that is how I ended up getting my MC Alma. Now, here are my questions. Do you think black MC Alma is too flashy for over 40 years old to use? I have difficut times enjoying her as normal daily purse. (like taking her to my kid's school activities or church etc)
So, only time my Alma comes out from her dust bag is when I'm going out dinner. So the other day, I asked my DH what he thinks about it. He says to me " I love uique stuff. You are not old, just wear it with your confidence."
I still like my MC Alma, but I am not sure how long I am able to pull it off with my age. If my Alma was a classic mono Alma I would have able to use it longer time maybe.....BTW I use mono and damier speedy for daily use right now. Should I sell away MC Alma and get a classic mono Alma or just keep MC and enjoy it regardless of my age like my DH says. I just don't know what to do. I really need your opinions to help me think straight.
( sorry for my lousy English)
Aug 11, 2008
just enjoy it! i saw a 50-something year old woman ROCKING an MC white alma the other week. :smile: its def not too 'young' for you. just enjoy it!


Haters suck
Aug 31, 2008
My aunt is in her 60s, she wears her MC bags quite well, but she wears a MC Black Speedy, not an Alma. There's no age limit to wearing any bag. Whatever you fancy is what counts.


Barenia :D
Dec 26, 2008
Use it!!! I've seen many ladies with multicolor bags!! I've even seen one lady in her 60s wearing the MC ursula in white. The MC range works for any age range, just wear it with confidence :smile:


Mommy of 3
Jul 11, 2008
I think she is gorgeous and you should definitely wear it just like your DH says...if i do decide on buying my black MC Courtney, i would wear it until...I'm 34 now so i don't care...My motto is DO YOU!!
Jul 10, 2007
I'm a couple years older than you, and I would buy that bag in a heartbeat if I could find it.

I have Tokidoki, LeSportSac, and Hello Kitty bags that I wear all the time.

Use it, rock it!


Sep 5, 2009
british columbia
Wear this bag. I am a couple of years younger than you and I wear my white MC Alma all the time. You are only as old as you feel. If you still love the bag and enjoy wearing it, enjoy.


Feb 19, 2010
Oh my goodness 42 is definately not old ! Wear that Beautiful bag with confidence just like your husband said and enjoy it ! MC is my favorite LV of all ! Just think how Lucky you are to be able to have such a Beautiful bag , as not everyone is so fortunate to own a LV ! Love your LV and wear it with joy! Cheers !