What do you think of BIN on eBay items?

  1. I get this question a lot -- "Do you have a BIN (buy it now) for this item?"

    Generally speaking, I never do, because I like to have auctions run their full course, and BINs make me nervous because I've heard that people sometimes purchase BIN items with stolen credit cards and the unknowing seller doesn't find out until they have shipped out the item. (Of course, I know this can also happen with auctions that run a full 7 days or more.)

    What is everyone's opinion on BIN, specifically regarding higher priced items (several hundred dollars and up)?
  2. i've never had a problem with a BIN (yet anyway) but my BINs are usually jeans and things in that sort of price range so nothing major. all my problem bidders so far have been on regular auctions. i always e-mail my buyers after payment and the last person to do a BIN already sent me two e-mails in response to mine (she BINd last night) so i'm feeling good about her. but if it were a zero feedback buyer who didn't respond to my e-mails i might not be so comfortable.
  3. I feel fine about them if no one has started bidding yet. If the bidding has started, I think they are not really asking you to add a buy-it-now, but are asking to buy off eBay.
  4. Hm, as you said the credit card thing can always happen... I like BIN's bec if I want something I can go for it - only, when you sell it might be that you lose out bec the auction may have gone up higher, but it can go the other way round as well.

    I think it depends on what you are comfortable with - only, once an auction has started you can't do buy it now IMO.
  5. I don't mind the BIN questions, but I rarely get someone who actually wants to pay what I want to end the auction. I think they are hoping I say that I'd sell it for the starting price.

    What bugs me is when people make an offer below the starting price.:cursing:
  6. In my auctions, I offer a BIN. I usually price it much higher than I'm hoping the auction will go for. If I don't set it, then I get so many e-mails requesting a BIN.
  7. I tried relisting an item as BIN hoping people wouldn't wait until the end of the auction and started the auction only 4 dollars less. I have 12 watchers on the item and no one has bought. After the last auction I had e-mails saying they thought the auction ended later and making offers on it. If I relist the item again I think I'll just do a regular auction since it appears everyone is waiting until the last minute anyway to save $4.
  8. As a purchaser, I like BIN or best offer. Can't stand waiting for auctions to end.
  9. I only do BIN auctions... Mostly because I am impatient and I don't want any buyers to get caught up in the bidding process having the price get higher and higher and then decide they don't want the item anymore once they've won it.

    I just find BIN's easier for me, who knows maybe I have shorted myself a few times pricing the item lower than what demand will bring. I only accept paypal shipped to confirmed address and require insurance and signature confirmation. I feel I'm covered as far as protecting myself as a seller.

    Btw, as a buyer I love BIN auctions.:graucho:
  10. I certainly would not wait to do a BIN to save $4. I think alot of watchers are sellers curious to see what the item sells for in case they have the same or something similar to list. Just a thought.
  11. I like it. I just started cleaning out my closet and had a bad experience about 3 weeks ago. I put a chloe edith for auction with a BIN option. Within 3 hours of listing a buyer from China with no rating took the BIN. The buyer did not respond to my emails, invoices ..nothing. Needless to say I was upset about the whole ordeal. They are no longer registered..."well imagine that". I still list with BIN, but, I blocked buyers from China or those with poor feedback/rating.
  12. If I am really interested in something, I might inquire about a BIN. So I don't mind those questions. Often, though, they are low ballers.

    And you can end an auction early to sell to the highest bidder if someone is serious about BINing an item -- just have them bid that amount and end your auction.
  13. As a buyer and seller, :heart: I like BIN - sometimes when I'm watching an item, I'll forget:rolleyes: to bid on it due to my kids schedules. I know I could bid earlier but I like wait. I've sold my bags with BIN- used clothing auction style- maybe I should try BIN on that too !
  14. i do like BINs. i live in a different timezone than those auction makers, so i usually loose some very beautiful items due to that in those last auction seconds. BINs allow me to snatch the items before anyone else given that I pay a l'il extra. sometimes i do place bids making my highest bid the BIN price... but that doesn't always work.
  15. Thanks. You're probably right. I do that too. Just was venting a little because I wanted to see it sell. I have listed it before and I always get a lot of watchers, questions, etc. and then no one buys it. It finally sold today! Yeah!!!