What Do you Think of Belt Bags!!!

  1. Hey, girls, what do you think of those bags for vacation. I really have never been a fan of a belt bag but what do you all think? Does anyone have one???
  2. I think it's a cute idea if you're worried about setting anything down. Otherwise I'd just use a Cles or Wapity for my items.
  3. i like belt bags. i don't have an lv one, but i do have a flat burberry one. i wear it out when i don't feel like carrying a bag. i think they are fun and can look really cute with the right outfit.
  4. I like the ones the SA's wear. Don't really know their name. Maybe it's called florentine:confused1:
  5. hmmm... must be the asian-ness in me... I really like them!!!

    my fav is the MC Mink Bum bag... lol, but a more affordable one that I really like is the denim bum bag (but I'd never buy it cuz I have this thing against denim bags... lol)
  6. I don't really like the traditional bum bags and I am Asian. :p

    But anyway, I wouldn't count the Florentine as a bum bag... it's more like a clutch on a belt. I prefer the cross body versions, such as this:


    There's a Monogram version (but I am not sure if they are still in production) and a Damier Geant version called the Archer.
  7. Yeah the SA's wear the florentine...or atleast the ones ive seen do.
  8. I have the pochette florentine with belt But never wear them as belt bag yet tho. I have seen lots of SAs wear them in the LV store in France..and they're super cute :smile:
  9. I am not really into them, they remind me of a designer version of a fanny pack. Also I wear a lot of dresses and skirts so it wouldn't really go with my closet. I understand the practicality of them, but they just aren't my style.
  10. I think they are cute too.
  11. I have the Gucci and LV florentine belt bag and I love them. The Gucci fits alot more than the Florentine so get the Gucci instead. :yes:
  12. I have the Bosphore bum bag and I find it very handy for short trips. My BF also uses it when he goes to HK. I find them cute and useful, and happy that I don't have to lug things by hand or on the shoulder.

    Like CEC, I also love the denim bum bag but would never go for it since it's denim!

    Anyway, I am a believer in bum bags so I would try to persuade everyone to try one out to see if it is for them! They can be very cute. Especially if they're LV.
  13. I love the bum bags.
  14. I have the florentine with the belt and I like it. It makes a nice clutch too.
  15. Very practical and cute if you want to be handsfree. They are great for vacationing too.