What do you think of Be & D bags, particularly this one?

  1. http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/25476

    I'm on the hunt for the perfect grey leather tote/satchel & am willing to spend MbMJ/Kooba/Botkier level prices for it (yay, Christmas money!) However, I'm having trouble finding styles in mouse grey or stone by MbMJ that I really love (or that are still available), and I'm terrified of anything in "slate" (as lovely to look at as it is) by Kooba because of the discoloration horror stories. I've seen some Grysons I liked, but they were a bit more than I wanted to spend. Anyway, I stumbled upon this tonight via NAP & I think I might be in love...but I wanted to see what you ladies thought of it first. It seems like an amazing deal and I love the color, aesthetic, etc....overall, it really appeals to me. What do you think of Be & D bags? How do they compare to MbMJ, Kooba, etc. quality?
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    need advice/feedback please
  3. thanks
  4. WOW! That's a heck of a sale. Cute bag too.
  5. Well, I ordered it. I'll let you all know how I like it when it comes. :smile:
  6. I hope you love it. The chain is gorgeous on it!
  7. Oh my God! So, it came Friday & it is absolutely gorgeous! So much better IRL

    Indeed, I have found my dream grey bag for the time being :yahoo::love:
    Not to mention I scored a bag that retailed for $1,100 most places for $400!
    I found out it was featured on Gossip Girl in red... ;D
  8. The color is amazing and for that price????!!! I say go for it.
  9. pics please!!!
  10. I'll post some later! :biggrin:

  11. Congratulations!
    I am a big fan of Be&D....their styles are varied as well as the leathers that they use....congrats on finding a "find"!