What do you think of Baby Phat?

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  1. I was online and ordered a few tank tops for my daughter from Baby Phat. I was very impressed with the quality of the clothing. It is really well made. I wanted some tanks for layering T shirts under or for under a shirt. She is such a pain with her clothing now. I just ordered some things on sale from Aeropostale in size small and they were actually long enough for her and she tried them on and loved everything and then the next day said "she will not wear any of it". Drama Queen at her best. She just wants to wear the color pink........ So I am cleaning her closet today and packing away all her summer things and she will now have no choice in what she wears. She is almost 8 and tall and thin so it is hard to find things that fit.
    I was impressed with BabyPhat clothes and thought of ordering her some nice T-shirts and long sleeved shirts. Does anyone here buy/wear their clothing? I am talking about their normal clothing, not anything that has SEXY on it or looks like slut clothing. Cute things for a little girl.
  2. I like the adult jeans and the sweaters. Although, some of the clothes can be a little much, it just all depends on taste though. You can usually find some baby phat clothes at discount stores for good prices. I'm not sure about children's clothing, but for young adults it is very nice.
  3. Kimoraleefabulous!
  4. Not a fan of the brand, it seems too flashy flashy to me and I find that their quality isn't that good, actually. Most of their clothing are low-cut and/or fitted and clingy everywhere. If your daughter is only 8, I would try to get things from there that have less logo, less 'bling bling", and are more modesty cut.
  5. i love babyphat... as with any brand.. you got some flashy stuff and some plain stuff.. the flashy is for going out...
    her jeans fit GREAT !!!!!
    kudos for your daughters wardrobe..
    my daughter is 10 and is picky as well... i gotta have a blow out at everyy outfit i suggest...
    i buy her baby fat- shes is thick and tall so i have to buy juniors for her...
  6. Not a fan,its too guady for my taste (hence Kimora guady simmons designes it). There is an exess of the color gold in most of her clothing,and I dislike gold.
  7. I can't stand Kimora or her clothes and they have never gotten a penny from me.
  8. the only baby phat stuff i've ever found was at ross...it was a bit too "ghetto" for my taste. too much bling and logo. one of my best friends would live in it if she could though...to each her own.

    if you like something, wear it. the end. :smile:
  9. I am considering getting a pair of their jeans. They have some without obvious logos and the plus sizes look like they'd suit women with curves. some of the tops are but nicely but the big gold logo is too much IMHO.
  10. I love their sunglasses!!!!!
  11. I'm not a fan of their bags.. but they have really cute tops !
  12. I bought my daughter some of the tank tops with a cat in the front, no logo. My daughter loves cats......they are really cute and will work well with a plain long sleeve T-shirt under it or a shirt over it. At least they will cover her waist and are longer, so when she sits and bends the tops will not ride up. I am not one for all the logos-gold in the front of your chest and most of her clothing for juniors is not something I would want to see my kids wear but there are some cute things in there that offer you a bit of something. My daughter does not like to wear plain tops. I am kind of sick of her only wanting to wear "Bobby Jack monkey tops". I thought the quality of Baby Phat was great. I think it is so much better that the Aeropostale cotton tops I bought her. I liked the tops had some spandex in them so that they will hold their shape when they are washed. Of course everyone has their own opinion on how their kids should dress. I am just amazed how these little kids now want to be cool...my friend's daughter is 5 an told her mother NO more things from the Disney Store, that they were for babies. I had to laugh. My daugher is really driving me crazy with what she will and will not wear, I am desperate to find some clothing lines that she will wear without the drama fight in the morning. It is not just me, my friends tell me the same things.
  13. Meh, I don't really care for Baby Phat or any similar brands. I liked it when I was 13 or 14 but everyone at school during my high school years wore Baby Phat every free dress day so eventually I got sick of seeing it. It can also be a little too flashy for me. i'm into more neutral and versatile styles and colors but if you like Baby Phat go ahead and wear it :smile:.

  14. :yes:

    i love love their shirts and skirts......

    i adore their jewelry too, i collect babyphat necklaces and earrings ...
  15. :yahoo:

    I ditto ShimmaPuff!!!! I love KLS! I haven't bought any clothing items thus far, but plan to. I think it all depends on how you wear it, to make it look classy or trashy is all in the presentation. As for little ones, the younger girls, I would buy it for my kids without hesitation. Ofcourse I would be selective on the style, cut and way it looks. Overall, I am super pleased to hear about the great quality!:flowers: