What do you think of ARTIFICIAL PLANTS?

  1. I have a few fake plants - usually from pottery barn. I try not to have too many grouped together and intermix them with real plants/flowers.
  2. What about the preserved boxwoods? What do you guys think about those?
  3. I dislike fake plants, no matter how "high quality". Why do a plant thing at all? Why not some photos in nice frames or a collection of art glass or something? Lots of things go on a mantlepiece besides candles and plants!
  4. I'm not a fan of fake plants personally. Orchids do very well in indirect sunlight. They're the only type of plants I have.
  5. My one friend's house screams of fake plants in each room. I know they are expensive but they still look fake. It probably would help if she dusted them. After hubby having close to 100 plants in the hosue at one time I don't care if I NEVER ever see a plant inside my home.
  6. I have fake seagrass in my bathroom, but it's in a wicker basket and intended to look dried.

    I hate fake plants and kill anything living, and my cat feasts on anything green, so I just blame him and go with nothing.

    This thread has inspired me to attempt something in my living room though... I love the way plants look in a house. Best pop of color you can get, IMO.
  7. I don't care for fake plants at all. Rather go with no plants, which I do.
  8. I agree. Clean is key.
  9. I'm not a fake plant fan but I'm also growing weary of my real ones because of bug issues. Little tiny flies are living in the dirt of my houseplants, I find them dead on the tables under my lamps and dead on my windowsills. My ivy plants often get attacked by spider mites. I've tried the insecticidal soaps and have resorted to insecticide which doesn't seem very "green" inside the house. So I've thought a few fake plants may not be such a bad idea bc I apparently don't have a green thumb.
  10. It sounds like you might have fruit flies. They don't breed in the dirt of plants but in vegetable and fruit residue in places like sinks, garbage disposals, garbage pails. There are a bunch of tutorials around the web for getting rid of them. Very frustrating to get rid of. Peppermint oil is a good way to get rid of them safely. Good luck!
  11. They are smaller than fruit flies and I could seen them cruising around/swarming in the dirt. I think someone told me that they are "fungal gnats" that live in moist soil and they told me the only way to get rid of them was to buy an insecticide to kill them and their (ick) eggs. Wonder if the peppermint oil would work on these suckers too?
  12. Ah, gnats! That makes sense. I also have bad luck getting rid of bugs in houseplants and just toss the plant. Because it doesn't take long for them all to become infested.
  13. Not a fan of fake plants....
  14. I prefer live plants .
  15. I don't hate fake plants but I prefer real. I don't mind an occasional accent maybe a flower, but only that.